Your BEING and Your Experience

Your BEING and Your Experience

Understanding your BEing is the gateway to great power over your life as your life emanates from your BEing as light emanates from the sun. Here we explain BEing; in the article on the Causal Sequence, we explain why BEing is so powerful. 

In your original, spiritual essence, you are “only” Essence:  you are Aware-Will, Wisdom, Power, Value, Goodness, and Love-Joy.  You can never not-BE Essence; you can only block and suppress your divine Essence to pretend to BE human, which is the purpose of your creation of your human being Shell. (We will explain the Shell shortly.) 

To play in the Creation, you must BEcome something less than pure Essence. You must take on identities and roles, just as an actor must take on the identity and role of his character in a movie. All of your identities are your creations of who or what you are, of what you are BEing. You are currently BEing a human being so that you can live the Human Experience at the human level of consciousness and power (very low) and explore Drama and all the negative energy side of the Creation. 

The sum of all your identities creation comprises your BEing, all that you are BEing and not-BEing.   Your BEing is everything that you are BEing which is also delimited by all that you are not-BEing. For example: if you are BEing creator, then you are not-BEing a victim of life. If you are BEing rich, then you are not-BEing poor. If you are BEing wise, then you are not-BEing stupid. If you are BEing unable, incapable; then you are not-BEing powerful. 

Your Shell of BEing is what generates your experience of Self, including of who you are as a human being, much of what is usually subconscious. 

What you are BEing and not-BEing is ALWAYS YOUR CREATION and you-psycan can always DISCREATE your negative states of BEing and re-create your Self in positive ones.  As your life emanates from your BEing changing your BEing will transform your life, as we will see in the article on the Causal Sequence.

How your BEing and Experience Work

You are a psycan, a globe or sphere of Life Energy, of Conscious Energy.  Consciousness is the power to perceive, feel, experience, and thereby to know anything (by personal experience). The Creation consists of an infinity of forms of energy, of energy forms, aka of realities.  All experience, both physical and psycanic, is the effect, the impact, of energy objects, of realities, on consciousness.  You-psycan experience physical realities in your consciousness through the mediation of your body and its five senses. You experience your psycanic realities (thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, values, motivations, compulsions, likes and dislikes, addictions, etc.) directly in your consciousness.   Just as realities (objects) in the physical universe act upon your senses to produce your perception-experience of realities in the physical universe; so, do your psycanic realities in your psycanic universe (subconscious) around you-psycan act upon you-consciousness to produce all your psycanic experience.

Your BEing is psycanic experience caused to you-consciousness  by your psycanic creations of realities of who you are<>are not. You create your BEing by creating a cloud or shell of psycanic energy-realities around you-consciousness, around you-psycan.  These reside in what psychology calls your subconscious, but which is really just the psycanic space around you-consciousness that is outside of your present time perception.  All your experience of Self is “programmed”  in your Shell, just as energies in your computer program what you see (experience) on your screen. Your primary programs in you Shell of BEing are your identities which act upon you-psycan to create your experience of all that you are BEing<>not-BEing , including your Human Identity Complex  (HIC).    

Your Shell of BEing includes your HIC, your Human Identity Complex.  Your HIC contains all the energies- realities that generate your unique human identity. Your Shell thus programs your character and personality, your talents and ineptitudes, your likes and dislikes, your gender (which may or may not correspond to your physical body) and many other energies that mold you-human. (As you grow up, learn, and mature, you reprogram and add to your HIC thus forming the adult that you are today.) 

What is of our greatest interest now is that your HIC contains all your:

The importance here is that all of these energies-realities are your creations (you-psycan, not you-human). You created them to BEcome human and explore the Human Experience (which is mostly Drama and negative experiences: problems, conflicts, struggle, failure, and all the negative emotions with are the essence of unhappiness, pain, and suffering (UPS). These realities do not exist by magic; they do not exist assigned to you by God, nor by the hand of some demon. They are all YOUR creations and in YOUR Shell of BEing, your psycanic universe, your “subconscious”.   


You-psycan are a Creator and Discreator of realities.
Realities Cause Experience.
Experience is the effect of realities on consciousness (i.e. you-psycan).

Your life is your experience (physical and psycanic).  To change your life, change your BEing.
(See the Causal Sequence of Life.)

The Psycanics Life Transformation System with its BEing Transformation Technology (BTT)  is a precision, almost surgical,  system of how to go into your Shell, find the causal realities of any negative experience or behavior, discreate that reality, and then create positive realities that produce the experiences that you desire. It is scientific;  it is precise; it is fast, and it is certain in producing the desired result. It works like magic.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
                                                                                                                                      Arthur C. Clarke.

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