You are the CREATOR of your Life

You are the CREATOR of your Life

You-psycan (the spiritual BEing that you are) are the CREATOR of your human life, of all your experience. You are creating your life consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly. When you are creating unconsciously and in ignorance of how creation works, you will create a lot of negative experiences in your life, as described below. Psycanics shows you HOW you are creating your life, including all your negatives and all your UPS (Unhappiness, Pain, and Suffering).     

First Law of Creation: 

You-psycan are the CREATOR of all your experience including
 the experience that you are NOT the creator of your experience
when that is your experience –
as it is for

all psycans still asleep in their human identity.

Ask yourself: What is the truth of my experience about my Self and my life?  Here are the two possibilities: 

As long as you are living in your identity-creation of “I am NOT the creator of my life”:

1.- You will be blind to your true creator power;

2.- Your will experience yourself as the powerless Victim of others and circumstances.

3.- You will be (unconsciously) creating:

  1. Not getting a lot of what you do want (failure to produce positive results).
  2. Getting a lot of what you don’t want (poor and negative results).
  3. Lots of relationship problems and conflicts with others.
  4. Addictions, compulsions, phobias, traumas, PTSD, etc.
  5. Lots of negative emotions: frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, insecurity, sadness, and depression. 

How much longer do you want to continue a life of struggle, poor results, and Drama. To quote Einstein:  “It is insanity to continue doing what you do now and expect better results.”

It is insanity to expect your life to change without your dedicated effort. If you want change, you must act to acquire new knowledge to guide new actions. A new life is not going to just fall on you from the heavens. And nobody can do the work for you. You are the only element in the universe that can create you a new life.

Psycanics is a science of  LIFE TRANSFORMATION, of HOW you CREATE  your life and therefore of how to take control and transform it.

Transforming your identity-experience from Not-creator to Creator is one of the first steps in the Psycanics Life Transformation System


Scientia Potentia Est:  Knowledge is Power. (Latin)

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