What is Quantum Ontology?

Quantum Ontology

What is quantum ontology?

Ontology is a branch of metaphysics, which is a branch of philosophy. Ontology is the study of the nature of consciousness, and therefore of being, reality, and existence itself. Ontology includes the nature of all trans-physical energies-experiences including thoughts, emotions, relationships, love and happiness, pain and suffering. Quantum ontology integrates knowledge from philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, psychotherapy, spirituality, and mysticism (illustration above).    

Quantum:  The “quantum” in “quantum ontology” comes from physics, from the “quantum field”, subject of quantum field theory (QFT), and quantum electro- dynamics (QED). The quantum field is the causal field that underlies the entire universe. It is the origin, the emanator, of all energy and matter, which are perturbations, points of excitement, vibrations, in the Field.  Our reality, our universe, is generated by the complex interactions of vibrations in the quantum field.  The Field is the generator, the creator, of our reality. As our reality makes sense, is intelligible, as opposed to random and chaotic; the Field is obviously intelligent – and powerful.

(A “field” is a no-thingness that exerts force across space, that acts over a distance with no intervening energy or matter.  Examples you are familiar with include magnetic fields and the field of gravity.)

What physicists do not understand about the Quantum Field is that it is alive. IT is, in fact, Life itself.  IT is an infinite Field of Life-Energy, of Consciousness and Will. As Infinite Aware-Will; IT is the primordial BEing, the Creator, from which all other BEings and all that exists, the Creation, come. IT has been detected and experienced many times down through history and around the world.  IT is the mystery as the heart of all religions.  IT is the Tao, Brahma, the Great Spirit, the Creator, the Father; aka “God”.

Physicists do not perceive the Field directly in consciousness (as mystics do); much less communicate with Her.   Every human being is capable of this perception, but it requires several years of preparation and work on one’s BEing to eliminate the blocks to perception.   These blocks are part of a shell of energy that we create around us to (temporarily) become human.    Quantum Ontology includes a precision technology for discreating the shell to recover our consciousness of spiritual being and our communication with Essence, a level of consciousness known as Awakening or Enlightenment.   

The Quantum Field has 13 Primordial Characteristics and 13 Secondary ones.  The 13 Primordial Characteristics are:  Oneness-Unity, Infinity, Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Love, Joy, Peace, and Truth.  Whenever a person has an experience of the Quantum Field of BEing, often called mystical experiences; he will report one of more of these Characteristics.  The Pew Research Center reports that 49% of people report at least one such mystical experience in their lives. Under the guidance of an experienced mystic, most people can perceive the Field by using entheogens which work by energizing consciousness to expand it beyond the human limitations to perception.  

The Field manifests everything that exists, all energy and matter, the universe, out of Her own Life-Energy, Her own Essence.  We shall call Her Essence for She is the Essence of all that is.   (She is both yin and yang, feminine and masculine — and neuter; but the experience of Her is more yin that yang, thus we will refer to Her in the feminine. Those who refer to Her in the masculine, much less as a judge or punisher, have never experienced Her.) 

Quantum ontology notes that the Creation is Essence manifesting Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of beings and forms (realities).  The Creation is Essence exploring and experiencing Her Self as all that She can BE.  The Creation is Her playground, movie theater, Disneyland.  However, the Creation is an illusion, the only Truth is Essence.  

You-spirit are an individualization of Essence.  You are a “perturbation”, a concentration of consciousness, of BEing, of intensity of Aware-Will, in the Field.  This intensity of Aware-Will generates your localized experience of “I” and “Here” as contrasted with “Not Here = Over There and Not-I”.  However, everybody and everything is Essence; in Truth, there is nothing else but Essence.  All is the One BEing.   The human mind is totally unable to fathom this, but you can experience through the practice of mysticism (such as deep meditation or using entheogens), because it is your own fundamental nature.    You are an illusory individualization of Essence, descending from the ONE into the many to play in and explore the Creation.  You are currently in the Human Movie Experience, enjoying the illusion of being a only human being.  Quantum ontology details how all the above works. 

A Buddhist Master was once asked to sum up all of Buddhism in a single sentence. His answer:

“You are an illusion.”

Quantum Ontology explains why and how this is so, that you are an illusion; and what to do about it IF you are ready to exit the illusion (in which case, you will enter a painful stage of consciousness known as the Dark Night of the Old Soul).   

Quantum ontology is a science:  all its laws, principles and results are reproducible, repeatable, and verifiable by anyone willing to make the effort to follow the protocols.  While verification takes about two years of study and effort, it is still much easier and faster than the verification of the advanced phenomena in the physical sciences.  You have to study for years and then work years more in the field to be able to personally verify black holes, quasars, or quarks and bosons, or quantum physics.  Quantum ontology is not a belief system or a religion:  it has no doctrines or dogmas; never asks for belief or faith; has no ministers or authorities; allows everything to be questioned.

Quantum ontology has two areas: Essentiality and Psycanics.

1.- Essentiality deals with the nature of Essence and your relationship with Her as an individualization of Her, as a spirit (psycan) formed of the same Life-Energy. It deals with how to perceive and communicate with Essence and how to permanently awaken from the illusion of being only a human being. 

2.- Psycanics deals with how you- psycan (spirit) operate on Earth as a human being. It details how you create your human life including all your problems, conflicts, dramas, pain, and suffering.  It starts with how you create not-being the creator of all your negative experiences in life, which creation kills your power to control your life – and why you do this. 

Essentiality includes:

Psycanics includes:

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