What is Psycanics? A Unified Field Theory of Existence

What is Psycanics? A Unified Field Theory

Psycanics is a Unified Field Theory of existence. It integrates many  fields into one body of knowledge, one model of how existence works. Those fields include philosophy, ontology, psychology, psychotherapy, religions, spirituality, and mysticism, as illustrated here and explained on continuation.    

However, Psycanics is simple enough to be learned and applied by any person. The results of applied Psycanics is a Transformation of your life, a transformation from problems, conflicts.

Primary origin of Psycanics: Psycanics comes from Essentiality, a scientific system of spirituality based of 50 years of trans-dimensional research into the ultimate nature of existence and of the creation. Essence is the one, infinite Life-Energy that is the Creator and the substance (essence) of All That Is. She is the the core of all religions and has many names:  Tao, Brahman, god, Jehovah, Yahweh, etc.  Science knows Her as the Quantum Field, the emanator of all energy and matter. 

What is a psycan? The psycan is an (illusory) individualization of Essence, a spirit, who then incarnates into the creation (in human instance, on planet Earth) to explore and experience. You are a psycan currently enjoying the Human Adventure Experience. Psycanics does not deal with Essence but details the nature and powers of the psycan, and how he creates and can discreate his realitiesexperiences to control his life on Earth.

Psycanics is all of the following:

Psycanics is a science (as opposed to unverifiable, ergo unprovable belief systems such as religions). It is based on 50 years of investigation, observations and experiments of nonphysical phenomena of common human experience (emotions, thoughts, behaviors, etc.) As with all science, the research lead to identifying the underlying principles and laws of the true nature of the human being and how his life really works. These laws and principles are subject to verification by any person willing to make the effort; psycanics is not based on belief or faith. Reproducibility of results, ergo verification by others, is the basis of science.

Psycanics is the physics, the electronics, of nonphysical energy. All your internal, psycanic experience (emotions,  designed to be under your control, under your power of creation as a psycan, to manifest whatever you wish to experience. The laws that determine what you feel, think, how you behave, your relationships, and above all your BEing and therefore your happiness are as precise and powerful as the laws of the physical sciences. Knowledge is Power: understanding the laws of psycanics gives you power over your trans-physical experience – which in turn gives your power over your life to manifest what you desire to experience. As correct knowledge empowering you to produce your desire results, Psycanics is power.  

Psycanics is a spirituality (not a religion!). It is a science of spirit, what spirit is (at the human level) and how it operates. It presents the nature of direct-to-spirit (consciousness) experiences such as emotions, identities, and thoughts (as opposed to experiences of the physical experience which come through the body).  

Psycanics is not a religion:

1.- It operates based on laws and principles (instead of dogmas and doctrines) which are

2.- verifiable, ergo provable, by any person who makes the effort. (Verification is the essence of science.)

3.- It relies on such verification and never on belief or faith or dictatorial (i.e. ecclesiastical) authority.

4.- It has no prayers, rites, or rituals; it never requires repentance, obedience, or adoration. In fact, psycanics is neutral even to the existence of a deity and works without reference to one. (Essentiality, the origin of Psycanics, guides the psycan to recover personal experience and communication with Essence, the Creator, aka God.  However, Essentiality is likewise not a religion because it is verifiable.

Psycanics is a quantum jump in human psychology. It details the true causes of human emotions and aberrations and unhappiness, pain, and suffering much better than modern psychology. It also has the first true definition of happiness and understanding of how it works. It then provides a precise technology of change (BTT) that is powerful and fast, and that a person can learn to apply to himself. Psycanics does not propose just changing any particular negative emotion or behavior (as with most psycho-therapy); it is a system for eliminating ALL negatives and creating all desired positives.

Psycanics is a philosophy. (See the 12 Great Propositions of the Philosophy). Every human being has a philosophy of life, consciously chosen or created, or unconscious of it (as most people are). The ultimate purpose of everyone’s philosophy of life is to guide them to Happiness. A life philosophy includes one’s values, goals, programs, and morality of right<>wrong, good<>bad; ergo how one should behave. Psycanics has a document called the 12 Great Propositions of Philosophy. Psycanics has an answer for most of them; the others (such as the nature of God) are in Essentiality.

Psycanics is an ontology. One of the branches of philosophy is ontology, the study of existence, being, and reality. It answers all the questions of ontology with knowledge brought from trans-human explorations of existence, ergo not perceptible from ordinary human consciousness. For example, ordinary science ascribes various origins to consciousness, but all are physical (evolution of matter, chemical reactions, the brain, etc.).  Psycanics states that consciousness does not come from the material universe, but is part of the psycan. Consciousness is a priori to all creation and one of the 13 Characteristics of the Creation, of Essence.

Psycanics is a “psycho-therapy” and apt for self-therapy. The Psycanics Being Transformation Technology is a sophisticated system that enables a person to go into their interior, find the underlying, true causes of any aberration, eliminate it, and create the positive experiences desired. It eliminates negative: emotions, thoughts, self-image-esteem, behaviors (addictions, compulsions, obsessions, etc.), blocks to action, (and therefore to success), phobias, PTSD, and relationship problems, to name a few.

Psycanics is the BEing side of quantum physics. The Quantum Field is the emanator of all energy and matter; i.e. the Creator. The physical universe is inside the Field, created by the Field. Physicists do not know that the Quantum Field is alive, that it is a BEing.  They are unable to communicate with IT;  that requires mysticism. Essentiality deals with the Field as a BEing and with your relationship to it as a psycan. You-psycan are an individualization of the Field, incarnating into a Shell of BEing to be human and incarnate on Earth. As as “child of God”, a “chip off the old block”, creator  is your birthright, your nature. You are on Earth to experience, to play and adventure, first for Drama (exploration of negatives) and eventually for Enlightenment (which restores your power to create positives. Both quantum physics and psycanics are compilations of trans-physical phenomena and their laws of operation.

Psycanics is a Unified Theory of Everything (UTOE) that puts science (laws and principles and verification) into and integrates nonphysical energy physics, psychology, philosophy, ontology, spirituality and psycho-therapy into a single body of knowledge that resolves all of them. If you add in Essentiality, the UTOE also integrates religions by explaining the original phenomenon, Essence, from which all arose.

Differences between Psycanics and Essentiality

Essentiality deals with Essence (aka God) and the full spiritual nature of the psycan. Essentiality shows how to recover your perception of Essence, how to feel Her and communicate with Her, and ultimately how to transcend all individuality and return to BEing the One again, as did Buddha and Jesus. Essence and the realities of Essentiality are not perceptible (verifiable) to the ordinary human being as it requires various years of discreation on your human identity shell to recover experience of Essence. (To be a human being, you must block all perception of Essence.)

Psycanics deals only with your life on earth as a human being, with phenomena and experiences easily perceptible to the ordinary human being.  It starts by defining the human being as a nonphysical entity of consciousness and will (which nobody can deny). It then explains how that spirit entity is the creator of all his experience, first his psycanic energies, and then his physical circumstances. Its Being Transformation Technology empowers the psycan to eliminate all his aberrations (negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors) and create both the internal and external experiences that he desires. 

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