What is Being Transformation Technology (BTT)

Being Transformation Technology (BTT) and BTT Self-Therapy

Definition: Technology.  A technology is the systematic and practical application of a science to produce useful and desired results in the world.   

The Psycanics Being Transformation Technology (BTT) is one application of Psycanics (there are others) whose purpose is to empower you to control your experience, especially your experience of BEing, the first element in the Causal Sequence of Life (BE  FEEL  THINK  DO  HAVE ). Control your BEing, who you are, and you automatically control the other areas of your life. 

BTT is a precision system that guides the explorer (the client) to find in his subconscious and to discreate unwanted realities, and then to create the desired ones. As your external world (for example, your finances)  is a projection of your internal world, recreating your internal world will recreate your external world.

One Aberration or All?

BTT can be used to discreate a single aberration, or you can use it to transform your entire life by discreating ALL your aberrations. (Definition aberration: all forms of negative experience: negative emotions including traumas and PTSD; negative mental conditions, negative behaviors such as addictions, compulsions, phobias; and relationships problems and

Experience is the highest concept in the Creation. The most fundamental law of all human behavior is the Existential Imperative to control your experience, to avoid pain and produce happiness. In the final analysis, your experience is the only thing that exists for you, whether it is your spiritual experience, your psycanic experience, or your physical experience through your body. 

All experience is the effect, the impact, of realities, energy forms, on consciousness. To change or eliminate any undesired experience, you discreate the causal reality and then create the reality that you wish to experience. This works directly in your psycanic universe to control your psycanic experience, particularly your emotions and identities. It also works to control manifestation in your physical universe because, as the creator of all your experience, your psycanic realities project onto and control your physical universe results (experiences).

You are the creator of all your psycanic realities  → experience.
What you have created, you can discreate.

You control your BEing and all your psycanic experiences (emotions, thoughts, relationships, negative behaviors such as addictions, phobias, PTSD, etc.) by DISCREATING their negative causal energies in your subconscious. Only then can you create the positive experiences you wish to experience. You must discreate negatives BEFORE you can effectively create positives. (One of the great errors of psychology and many systems of personal change is that they focus on positives without first discreating the negatives.)

The Psycanics Science Institute teaches BEing Transformation Technology  as part of the Psycanics Life Transformation System. You can also learn about BTT with the Book How to Do Precision Self Therapy To Quickly Change Anything In Your Life available on this site and at Amazon. 


BTT is powerful enough that you can learn to apply it to yourself to permanently eliminate all your negative emotions and behaviors and transform your relationships to harmony and love. This cleaning of your BEing takes between 300 and 400 hours of therapy, which most people achieve in about two years in the Psycanics Life Transformation System. 

It would be very expensive and time-consuming to do 400 hours of therapy with a therapist (@ $100  an hour =  $40,000). However, you can do it yourself, working an hour or so on most days. The Psycanics Life Transformation System guides and supports you to do this. 

The book explains how it all works:  How to Do Precision Self Therapy To Quickly Change Anything In Your Life.

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