What are you? Your Fundamental Spirit-ual Nature: Psycan

What are you? Your Fundamental Spirit-ual Nature: Psycan

The ultimate nature of existence, the only Truth, is a Single, Infinite BEing, an Infinite Field of Life-Energy, of Consciousness and Will. She is the One Aware-Will, and She is the Creator. Her names are legion: She is the Tao; She is Shiva; She is the Cosmic Consciousness; She is the Quantum Field of physics from which all energy and matter emanate. We call Her Essence because She manifests the Creation, everything that exists, out of Her Self, Her own Life-Energy, Her Essence. She is both Creator and the Creation, the Essence of everything that exists.     

The Creation is Her toy.  The purpose of the Creation is experience, every experience possible for all eternity. The Creation is the Lego set, the  playground, sandbox, amusement park, movie theater, the Disneyland, of Essence. 

Essence then individualizes Her Self into (the illusion of)  many, many sub-entities, into spirits, aka psycans. (This done by the Ego Force Field as explained in Essentiality.)  A psycan is a unit of the One Aware-Will, formed of the same Essence with the same power to create and discreate. You are a psycan, an immortal Life-Energy entity, a spirit, (a soul in religious terms). You are an Aware-Will made of Wisdom, Power, Love, and Joy. Your purpose is to descend into the Creation and PLAY, ADVENTURE, EXPERIENCE. 

To incarnate and play in the Creation, you-psycan then create your BEing, the identity you are going to use in the Creation and incarnate in the Creation to play. You are a psycan currently BEing human and incarnating on earth so that you can live the Human Adventure Experience. To really live the human experience as a human, you must not remember Who You Really Are, which is “avidya” in Buddhism, and believe you are only your human identity. 

You can awaken from your illusion of only human being whenever you tire of the Human Drama, commit to awakening, and find a School of Mysticism to guide you. (You will know it is time to start your awakening because you will enter the Dark Night of the Old Soul (see Essentiality.) When you achieve a permanent Awakening to Who You Really Are, a psycan and part of Essence, you have achieved Enlightenment.   

The Human Experience is about the (unconscious) creation  and exploration of Drama:  problems, conflicts, struggle, lots of negative emotions which are the essence of UPS (Unhappiness, Pain, and Suffering.) Once enlightened, you recover your original conscious of  Who You Are, and your  innate, divine power to create. You then create a life of harmony, peace, desired results, abundance, love and happiness. (In religions terms, you return from the Valley of Sweat and Tears, to the Garden of Paradise.) 

Psycanics awakens you-psycan from your illusion of only being a human being and from your Human Drama to recover your innate Powers of Creation. Psycanics shows you how to discreate the negative energies and behaviors in your life, re-create your BEing in a positive identity from which you can then manifest the all-positive life that you choose. (Note:  It is essential to first discreate negatives BEFORE creating positives. You cannot create positive over the top of the negatives you already have.

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