The Purpose of Psycanics: Your Life Transformation

The Purpose of Psycanics: Your Life Transformation

Psycanics can be used to change any particular, singular, negative experience or behavior that you have. It can also be used to eliminate all negative experiences and behaviors, thus transforming your life from Drama to Enlightenment, as explained below.

Psycanics teaches you how to permanently eliminate your negative emotions, traumas, phobias, and PTSD. It empowers you to change negative behaviors such as addictions, compulsions, obsessions, aversions and attachments. It transforms relationship problems and conflicts into harmony, love, and cooperation. It empowers you to be able to manifest what you want in the physical universe:  work, money, material things and experiences such as travel. You decide how far you want to go in learning and applying Psycanics to your Being and life.

There are two states of human existence on the planet: Drama and Enlightenment
Every human being is living in one state or the other, the vast majority in Drama.

Some people have good results in one or two of the 12 Areas of Life, but Drama in the others. For example, a person may be wealthy economically, but have Drama (problems and failure) in his love relationships, and have addictions and poor health.

Almost all humans are Dramatically emotional, suffering frequent attacks and periods of negative emotions:  anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, depression etc. Almost all humans have some noxious addictions:  alcohol, tobacco, tranquility medications, illegal drugs, gambling social media, porn, etc.  Most people have problems in conflicts in many of their relationships: all Drama

Drama is not bad or wrong!  It is a very valid and rich experience, and experience is the purpose of the Creation. You-human go to movies and play sports for the Drama they make you feel. You-psycan, an immortal spirit BEing, came to the Human Experience to explore Drama because you cannot explore Drama in your spirit Essence. You-psycan have all eternity to explore the Infinite Creation; the Human Experience is only a whistle-stop in your tour of all the Games in existence. When you tire of Drama, you can begin your Awakening from the Human Illusion and transform your life to Enlightenment. Psycanics is a science and technology for doing so. 

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