The Purpose of Psycanics: that You Achieve an Integrally Rich Life (IRL)

The Purpose of Psycanics: that You Achieve an Integrally Rich Life (IRL)

An IRL (Integrally Rich Life) is one in which you have eliminated almost all negative results, pain and unhappiness in all 12 Areas, and have manifested what you wish to experience in each Area. (You may choose not to create anything in some  Areas (for example, not to marry or to have children).   


1.- Life: Your life is all your experience, all that you are, feel, think, do and have. 
Your life consists of 6 Arenas of the Causal Sequence (BEFEELTHINKRELDOHAVE), which subdivide into the 12 Major Areas of Experience. 

2.- Integral: All the parts are accounted for,  complete, and integrated into One, into a Whole.

3.- Rich: Abundant and of a most pleasing and full flavor  (as a rich cake or a rich meal). “Rich” does not necessarily mean being wealthy financially: in fact, accumulating a lot of things and properties can turn you into a “servant of matter” and decrease your freedom of spirit and Awakened psycans find their security in life by knowing they are Creators JIT (Just In Time)  of anything they need, not by accumulating and hoarding more than they need. They avoid burying themselves under responsibilities for an excess of material things. An awakened psycan seeks to earn his income by working only in his passion and may seek financial independence which is enough income to live at an acceptable quality of life.

The 12 Areas of Life are, as shown in the illustration:

The 6 Areas of PU:  Your Experience/Life in your Psycanic Universe  

1.- You-Psycan, the immortal spirit BEing that you are and your spirituality. Your spirituality is your EEE:  Experience and Expression of Essence who is Oneness, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Love, Truth, Joy, Peace. Your experience how much you feel and live these things each day; your expression is your actions:  you treat others and the world: with Love or with anti-love.

2.- Your BEing of human. Your human Being includes your Essence Identities (NEIRs) which are the most powerful elements in creating your Dramas and must be discreated; your roles which can be personal (spouse, parent, child, relatives); friend; or commercial: doctor, lawyer, carpenter, etc. It includes your self-image and your self-esteem which are also your creations about yourself.

3.- FEEL – your emotional life. This comprises all your emotions, the positive ones and the negative ones. It includes your MODs (Moments of Dolor =  activations of your negative emotions including  anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, sadness, loneliness, hate, depression, etc.) To achieve IRL, you must discreate all your negative emotions and achieve True Happiness which is purely positive emotions almost all the time, no matter what happens. Psycanics guides you to achieve this.

4.- THINK – your mental activities and contents, all mental realities: thoughts, beliefs, programs, paradigms, determinations, invalidations, judgments, resistances, aversions, etc. For IRL, you cease to create limiting and negative thoughts. You learn how to learn, how to organize your life, and how to be optimally effective and efficient with your TE (Time and Energy).

5.- FAMILY: your closest and dearest relationships, the people with whom you live or spend the most time on the personal level. For IRL, you must eliminate all problems and conflicts, and achieve an environment of harmony, love, and cooperation.  This love is an important source of happiness;  after your spirituality probably the greatest in your life.  Significant other relationships, for example, can be either your greatest joy or your worst hell depending on the energies (Love<> anti-love) in the relationship. 

6.- RELATIONSHIPS. This area includes all your dealings and activities with others not of your immediate family. It includes both personal friends,  and commercial and professional relationships, for example with providers, customers and clients. It includes the quality of your communications with others, including your ability to sell, negotiate, and speak in public to inspire and motivate. It includes your leadership ability.

The 6 Areas of your FU:  Your life in the Physical Universe

7.- BODY and HEALTH: For IRL, you must take care of your body and health with optimum diet, hydration, and exercise. 

8.- SEXUALITY. IRL includes that you have and enjoy as much sex as you would like. The richest sex occurs with someone you love. 

9.- WORK: This area of IRL comprises all that you DO to produce results in the physical universe, usually to exchange with others.  It includes your job, profession, career, or business.  It is usually the source of your income which is part of the next Area.

10.- FINANCES: money is the measure and store of TE, of your Time and Energy and their results and products.  The Area of Finances includes your income, savings, and investments, and spending habits. The objective is financial abundance which is income sufficient for your acceptable lifestyle and a little more.  Another objective can be financial independence which is sufficient income to support your acceptable lifestyle while requiring a minimum of your TE. 

11.- MATERIAL POSSESSIONS: This Area includes everything physical that you own: clothes, jewelry, home, automobile, real estate, toys (boat, motorcycle, etc.) The objective is to have everything that truly contributes to your quality of life without having excess which will absorbs your TE in taking care of material things without really contributing to your happiness.  

12.- EXPERIENCES. This area comprises everything that you wish to do and experience on the planet. It includes travel, all cultural experiences and expressions such as music, dance, art, visiting museums, winemaking, normal sports and extreme sports, hobbies, boating, learning to fly, etc. In general, experiences are more important to your richness of life than material possessions. Experiences are opportunities to enjoy life and to learn and so expand your horizons. Your experiences are always with you in knowledge acquired and memory, while possessions come and go.


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