Table of Comparison: Psychology vs Psycanics vs Essentiality

Table of Comparison: Psychology vs Psycanics vs Essentiality

As a person dedicates himself to his spiritual development, he progresses through a series of changes in  his BEing and his life. This table shows some of the characteristics of this transformation. 

From left to center to  right, each row deals with one characteristic of BEing or life. This table shows the progression of Awakening and Transformation  of a BEing and life from:


TT- Technical Term of psycanics. You must use the psycanics’ definitions of terms; using a normal dictionary definition will guarantee failure to understand.  

FU- physical universe: material energy and matter.  

PU- psycanic universe: includes all your non-physical energiesàexperiences: emotions, thoughts and mind, compulsions, addictions, values, programs, relationships, success, love, and happiness (versus UPS (Unhappiness, Pain, & Suffering).  

UHB- Unenlightened Human Being: the ordinary human being, one who does not know he is a causal, creator spirit nor has any idea of how his existence really works. UHBs live in struggle, problems, sometimes in scarcity, relationship conflicts, victim, drama, trauma, and UPS. They live in the Impossible Dream of the External Quest for Happiness.  

SEB- Spirituality Enlightened Being: one who knows s/he is a spirit and creator of his experience. He has used BTT to discreate a substantial part of his shell of negative energies. He creates his life as he would have it. He lives in serenity, peace, harmony, productivity, abundance, love and joy.  

PEIR/NEIR – Positive and Negative Essence Identity Realities.

UHB: Unawakened Human BEing and psychology Psycanics: An Awakening BEing Essentiality and the SEB (Spiritual Enlightened BEing)
You are a body. You have evolved from matter up through lower life forms. Unknown the force that causes the evolution of physical forms, but it is obviously super-intelligent. You are a trans-physical, aware-will, life-energy entity, a spirit: TT= psycan. You do not come from matter, from FU. You exist before and outside of the FU. You are not your body; you have a body which you use to incarnate on Earth and play the Human Game. You are an individualization of the One Infinite Conscious BEing, “descending” into the Creation and incarnating in the FU to live your Human Experience Movie (of 500+ incarnations). You do not come from matter: you-Essence are the Creator of matter. Your body is an instrument Wisely designed for you to operate in matter.
Your consciousness is a property of your body, of your brain. As a spirit, you are a globe or sphere of consciousness and will. Consciousness is a fundamental aspect of spirit; it does not come from matter in any way. It exists outside of, beyond, and before the FU. Consciousness is one of the 13 Characteristics of Essence = BEing itself. It is a priori to the Creation. It is that which creates the Creation. You are that Infinitely Aware Creator. You are Consciousness itself.
Your mind seems to be a function of your brain, a physical organ in the body. You have little control over it. There is no such thing as a mind. There is the psycan and his psycanic realities (thoughts), all of which are his creations. You are the creator and discreator of your psycanic realities (ECRE). Just as you live in a physical universe of innumerable realities, so too do you live in a psycanic (trans-physical) universe of innumerable mental realities.
The UHB is trapped in matter, giving it great importance and great effort to obtain and accumulate. Uses it to ostentate he is better than others. The Awakened BEing is in the process of free himself from matter, to live as a free spirit just visiting Earth as a vacation. He is learning to manifest what he wants as he clear counter-creations to power. SEBs live consciously manifesting what they want, free of insecurity, fear, greed, ambition, accumulating, hoarding, ego and ostentation. They live free of matter.
Drama and UPS Exits Drama to live a creator of his life. SEBs live in contact with Essence, ergo in immortality, security, serenity, peace, joy.
Your emotions are caused by the external events of your life. Your emotions are automatic self-love energy+/- reactions to who you are BEing+/- (PEIRs<>NEIRS) in relation to events. Love is one of the 13 Characteristics of Essence, ergo your nature.
UHBs live in the Impossible Dream of the External Quest, ergo in the Don Quixote behaviors of trying to control the external world to be happy. Awakened BEings live in the awareness that they are the creators of all their experience. They know that the only way to True Happiness is through their work on themselves (SEBs perceive Essence who is Infinite Love-Joy and is Ultimate Happiness. Your Happiness in life is your degree of experience and expression of Essence (of Love). (UNBs do not understand what Love is.)
UHBs are not only ignorant of what True love is, they have many wrong paradigms resulting in problems, Drama and UPS. Awakened BEings learn what Love really is. They discreate al the neg-Love accumulated in the BEing. SEBs always choose to act with Love.
Victim: complaints, blame, guilting, indirect power, negative energy attacks to others to control and manipulate, which they naturally resist. Creator-Responsible for everything in my life: emotions, behaviors, relationships, and manifestation in the FU. Essence: Creator of everything that exists including others. I am Everything Everywhere, Every time.
Relationships are difficult, problematic, conflictive, Dramatic, and painful. My relationships are determined by my NEIRs, external versus internal quest, and my True Love behaviors and dealings with others. I create harmony, love and cooperation easily. We are all One. We are all the Faces of Essence. I see through the multiplicity to our Oneness and feel Unity with all others and all things.
Life is serious and painful (Dramatic). You are the Victim of many things over which you have little control. Life is a Game, a Movie. You are the creator, the writer, the director, the star, and the hero. The Human Game is primarily Drama & UPS until you Awaken and take control. The Creation consists of an infinity of dimensions of energy, each with innumerable universes. Each reality is a theater, a Matrix, where psycans incarnate to live their choice of Movies.
You are a product of your past. Your past determines who you are and your life and there is little you can do to change that. You can discreate everything negative in your past so freeing yourself from, to be able to create what you want in your life. Time is an illusion; everything that exists is NOW.
You-human have very little control over your mind, emotions, health, Life is random, coincidental and accidental. You are the creator and discreator of your psycanic realities. Your psycanic realities determine your human life. At the highest levels of your BEing, you recover consciousness that you are the Creator of matter itself (as demonstrated by Jesus).
Who knows what the purpose of our existence is? The purpose of our human sojourn is to explore all that we are not in Essence, to explore the negative polarity of BEing and the Creation: anti-Essence, Games, Drama, UPS, (and evil). The Creation is Essence manifesting Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of BEing to experience and know Her Self.
When you die, who knows what happens? When your body dies, you-psycan create a new HIC and body and recycle back to Earth, typically 500+ times, enabling you to explore all aspects of the Human Experience. Your individuality is an illusion: you are the ONE, you are Essence. You are immortal; you never cease to exist, whether as individualized or as the ONE.

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