Psycanics is not a religion, cult, sect, or any kind of belief system

Psycanics is not a religion, cult, sect, or any kind of belief system

Spiritual versus Religious

First, it is important not to confuse “spiritual” with “religious”.

Psycanics is highly spiritual because you are a spirit, a psycan. You  are a non-physical entity of  Aware-Will Life-Energy.

You have many kinds of psycanic energiesrealities such as thoughts and mind, emotions and feelings, values and desires,  but you are not these. They are your psycanic creationsrealitiesexperience. Above all, you are not your mind, although many people have never distinguished between their BEing and their mind.   

You have and are inside a Shell of BEing with a Human Identity Complex. It generates for you your personality and character, talents and likes; but you are not your human identity. You have a human identity, but you are much more than a human. You are an immortal spirit, a Life-Energy entity just visiting Earth to live your Human Adventure.    

You have a body; you are not your body. Your body is a vehicle so that you-spirit can operate in the physical universe.

Psycanics has none of the trappings of religions and is nothing religious

Science operates on verifiable evidence and proof of its theories, laws, and principles. The root of “verifiable” is latin: “veritas”, meaning “truth”. Religions have no proof of what they say; neither of their laws nor their promised results; their doctrines and dogmas are not verifiable. They are not “truth”. They insist on faith and blind belief. 

Psycanics does not claim to be “truth”;  it is a scientific model of how the trans-physical side of life really works. Psycanics is a compilation of laws and principles about how life works. Psycanics, as a science,  never asks for belief or faith. Just the opposite of religions; it says: Believe Nothing; Test Everything. The proof of the validity and power of Psycanics are your results in your life, relationships, and happiness. Psycanics is verifiable by any person willing to make the effort to test it. 

Psycanics is completely rational and logical and understandable. It makes perfect sense. It consists of laws and principles of non-physical energy that every human being experiences every waking moment.  

Once you learn it and look at life with psycanic eyes, you can see how it models life and make sense. 

Psycanics has no doctrines or dogmas, no rites or rituals. You are not required to adore, worship, nor obey any outside authority. Psycanics has no authority figures, no ministers or priests, no followers or adherents, no more than physics or chemistry do. 

Psycanics makes no claim to divine origin or revelation. It is the result of 37 years of human investigation and research, of sweat, blood, and tears,  by Mycal Powell. And he is the first to say: Believe Nothing; Test Everything.

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