Psycanics Glossary

Glossary Psycanics


aka:   also known as, indicating an alternate name or synonym.

CCC:   Creation-Counter-Creation: Intent to create positive can activate negatives.


DOR:       Denial of Responsibility = creation of Victim.

ESAE:      The Essentiality School for Accelerated Enlightenment.

Exp:        Experience

Exp2:     Experienced Experience:    the fundamental operation of BTT

 Exp2→0:     Experienced Experience Disappears

ICI:         Intention-Counter-Intention

IMHO:  In My Humble Opinion, as opposed to Truth which is always verifiable.

MOPs:    Moments of Pleasure:   activations of PEIRs by external events.

MODs:    Moments of Dolor (Pain) activations of NEIR masses.

NEIR:    Negative Essence Identity Reality

PECRED:    Psycan Energy Creation Reality Experience Discreation

PEIR:    Positive Essence Identity Reality

R, Rs:    Reality, Realities

Resp:    Responsability

RespExp:    Responsability for Experience

RELDO:    abbreviation for DO & RELATE in the Causal Sequence

RExp:    Reality-Experience:    two sides of the same coin.

SEB:    Spiritually Enlightened Being. Psycans who have transcended the illusion of only being human to recover their consciousness of themselves as immortal spirits and to restore their connection and communication with Essence.

SNB:    Should Not Be, the meaning of “bad”

TE:    Time and Energy, the substance of your life.

UHB:    Unenlightened Human Being. Human beings living in avidya (spiritual ignorance of who they are). They create Drama and explore BEing evil and being done to by evil.

UPS:    Unhappiness, Pain, and Suffering. All forms of negative experience in any Arena BFTRDH, especially the negative emotions.

WPVLJ:    Wisdom, Power, Value, Love-Joy:    the four Characteristics of the 13 Characteristics of Essence that most impact and determine human experience. Their negative polarities are the NEIRs.


3 Dimensions of experience:    Physical, Psycanic, and Spiritual.

6 Arenas of life:    BE, FEEL, THINK, RELATE & DO, HAVE; corresponding to Identities, Emotions, Mind, Relationships, Actions and Behaviors, and material Results

13 Primordial Characteristics:    TT Essentiality The ultimate nature of the One Supreme BEing, Creator and Essence of all that is. Her 13 Characteristics are Oneness/Unity, Infinity, Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Love, Truth, Joy, Peace.

aka:    abbreviation for “also known as”, indicating an alternate name or synonym.

Aberration:    any deviation in experience or behavior from what is desired. Aberrations include:    all the negative emotions; all negative behaviors such as addictions, compulsions, obsessions, phobias; traumas, PTSD, and all relationship problems and conflicts; everything that is UPS. The term also includes problematic physical circumstances such as out of a job, :    lack of money, health problems, failures.

Activation: An activation is the triggering and movement of a NEIR mass from your subconscious to your consciousness-experience. You may feel the NEIR mass primarily as negative emotions, but the NEIRs are always there.

Anti-Love, aka neg-love:    The south pole of the Love<>Evil Polarity. All forms of negative energy and actions. Essentiality:    synonym for Evil.

Arena:    any of the 6 areas of experience in life, in the Causal Sequence. In psycanics, they are:    BEFEELTHINKRELATE & DOHAVE. Essentiality adds in the two spiritual dimensions:    ESSENCEPSYCANBEFEELTHINKRELATE & DOHAVE

BFTDH or BFTRDH:    abbreviation for BEFEELTHINKREL-DOHAVE:    The Six Arenas of Experience, which form the Causal Sequence.

Bad:    that which Should Not Be (SNB) apparently justifying the use of resistance and negative energy to stop, change, punish or destroy that “bad” entity. (We say apparently because under the Laws of Love, negative energy, negative love, is never justified.)  Shortened form of Bad-SNB.

Bad-SNB:    abbreviation for “Bad, Wrong, and therefore Should-Not-Be”. Bad-SNB is a hallucination of the human mind. Whenever you label something Bad-SNB, you are saying that thing should not exist. If it exists, it has the approval of Essence (God) to exist:    if Her Omnipotence did not want something to exist, it would not. Essence wants everything possible to exist.  The hallucination of Bad-SNB is the entry to all resistance and UPS; you cannot suffer without first having created Bad-SNB.

Baggage:    All the negative energy and acts (neg-love) that the being has accumulated during his life. It includes painful memories, traumatic incidents (violence, abuse, rape, etc.), abandonment, failures, shame, guilt, resentments, relationships ended with negative energy, evil acts to others, theft, deceptions, etc. the Being Transformation Technology cleans baggage from the being. All neg-love acts lower the Love-Light of the being and must be cleaned and the energy restored.

BE:    First element of the Causal Sequence.:    BEFEELTHINKDOHAVE

BE-FEEL:    1- noun:    The first two elements of the Causal Sequence which are inseparable. Your FEEL (emotions) are your love energy for Self+/- determined by your BE (identities:    PEIRs<>NEIRs) of the moment. 2- verb:    to open to and integrate with an identity letting yourself BE that identity and so FEEL it, experience it, as Self. 

Being:    All that you are BEing, also defined by all that you are not BEing. The collection, complex, of identities that the psycan takes on to become a particular entity, person or role. Shells of being are sets of realities that act upon the psycan-consciousness to generate the experience of being a chosen identity. A being is a psycan modulated by his identities, his creations of what he is and is not, thus producing a unique individual. Analogy:    In a human movie, the psycan is the actor; his being is his role, his character, in the movie. Where the distinction is not important “psycan” and “being” may be used as a synonym. To become a human being requires 3 Shells of being:    evil, drama, and avatar.

Being Transformation Technology:    An extensive and sophisticated system of protocols, procedures, and processes that apply the know-how of Psycanics or Essentiality to the psycan enabling him to make desired changes in his being and life. Much of it deals with the creation and discreation of psycanic realities and identities.

Blinded Creator:   Once a BEing creates the Fatal Identity that he is not creator,  the process of creation continues but now unconscious and out of his control.  The person will now create a lot of not getting what he wants, and a lot of negative things he does not want;  i.e. lots of Drama.  Most humans live in Blinded Creator.

Integrally Rich Life:    The creation of the realities/experiences that you desire in all of the 12 areas of life. The UHB will create no-results=drama in multiple areas of his life. The SEB manifests what he wants in all areas.

Causal Sequence of Life:    The formula of how life works:    BEFEEL THINKRELATE & DOHAVE, wherein the element to the left determines the elements to the right. The BEing, the leftmost element, is the ultimate causal factor and is the creator of all the other areas. The power of the Causal Sequence is that upon changing your BE that entire Sequence, your life, changes. The avidya UHB struggles to change effects:    HAVE, DO, THINK, and FEEL. The SEB goes directly to BE, transforms himself with Being Transformation Technology and all the rest of his Sequence changes automatically.

Cocoon:    synonym for the Shell. The Cocoon / Shell is a huge, multi-dimensional mass of ECRE around the psycan that acts upon his consciousness-experience to produce his experience (illusion) of BEing only a human being.  It programs for him his unique human identity, including personality and character.  It contains his NEIR masses and therefore all his negative emotions.  One of the objectives of psycanics is to go out into the Cocoon and discreate negative realities and create positive ones to thereby transform one’s experience and behaviors. 

Consciousness:    One of the 13 Primordial Characteristics of Essence, of Life:    to wit, the power to perceive, feel, experience and thereby know energy and realities. It is related to Wisdom and intelligence, intuition and creativity. Consciousness does not come from matter or anywhere in the Creation; it is a priori; it is part of the Creator and therefore basic to the psycan

Cosmos:    capital “C”. Synonym for the Creation (capital “C”). The entirety of all created realities, all dimensions, all universes. Do not confuse Cosmos in Essentiality with the astronomical definition of the word as the physical universe. Our entire physical universe is no more than a grain of sand in the Cosmos.

Create:    To create is to cause into existence something new, something that did not exist before. Creator Will moves energy to form realities out of energy:    that is the process of creation. Manifestation is to attract into your experience (life) something already created, usually by others. You create a painting or a business or a relationship. You manifest a car or money or a house. You create by using your will to forming the mental image of the desired result and then energizing (loving) it.

Creator:    That which causes something to exist. Capital “C” indicates the word is used as a name for Essence. Essence is the Creator of the Cosmos; the psycan is a creator of his experience and life.

Creation:    1- capital “C”:    Synonym for the Cosmos meaning all created realities, all dimensions of the Energy with all of their universes. Everything that exists except the Essence Creator Herself who exists outside or and beyond the Creation as well as existing as the Creation.

creation:    2- small “c”:    any reality; all realities are creations. Every thought is a creation, every tree is a creation, every human being is a creation, every star is a creation, every universe is a creation. You are the creator of all your realities. Realities produce experience:    ergo you are the creator of all your experience, particularly psycanic experience.

Culture-ization → culturization:    The teaching and learning (mostly informal and unconscious) of a culture, which consists of a unique set of values, beliefs, programs and paradigms. For example, Japan,
USA, Mexico, Germany as examples, all have very different cultures. Cultures must be absorbed by new members, usually the children, as they are growing up. Note that culture is entirely psycanic. If you take a Japanese baby and raise him in Mexico, he will be Mexican. See also socialization.

Dark Night of the Old Soul:    TT Essentiality. As the psycan tires of the Human Experience after hundreds of incarnations, he begins to long for Home, for Essence. The Dark Night is the symptoms of this tiring and therefore readiness for Awakening.

Darkside of the Creation:    TT Essentiality. All forms of negative energy, experiences and actions, including NEIRs and Evil.

Discreate:    To cause a creation, a reality, to no longer exist. This is done by discharging, liberating, the energy that comprises the reality. (The energy is not discreated, it is freed. It ceases to form that reality.) The psycan-consciousness has the power to discreate its creations by experiencing them which is to flow their energy from the reality to consciousness.

DO-BE-DO:    The law that what you DO defines, creates, who you are, who you BE. This actually a feedback loop between BE and DO. Example:    Steal (DO) and you are a thief (BE). Being a thief, what you DO is steal.

Don Quixote, the Don Quixote Behaviors:    All the negative behaviors that humans in the External Quest do to try to control their MODs and UPS, and achieve MOPS, especially those that deal with other people. As nothing in the external world ever causes internal experience, such people are living like Don Quixote hallucinating that windmills (external things) are dragons the cause of MODs).

REL-DO:    abbreviation for DO and RELATE in in the Causal Sequence. RELATE is a special case of DO:    it is all your actions in relationships, comprising three categories:    what you say and how you say it; how you treat and deal with others; and how you either react with MODs or respond with wisdom and love to others’ treatment of you.

Drama:    TT Psycanics. Drama is all the varied and rich experience, mostly negative, that we savor during a Game (or a movie). Life and everything in life is a Game. Drama includes:    effort and struggle, problems, conflicts, uncertainty, doubt, suspense, frustration, impotence, impatience, anxiety, fear, anger, rage, desperation, depression, allies and enemies, losing and winning, victory and defeat, failure, sadness and sorrow, elation and despair, regret, guilt, giving up or perseverance, etc. Notice that Drama comprises all of the negative emotions, and therefore is mostly UPS (unhappiness, pain, and suffering).

Ectropy<>Entropy:    Ectropy is Life, Intelligent Cause, acting in the universe to differentiate and control matter, to form it into realities with the desired properties, to organize it and energize it to produce whatever the desired result. Opposite:    Entropy

Emotion:    The self-love energy polarity. Your emotions are your love<>neg-love for yourself determined by your Essence identity (PEIR or NEIR) of the moment.

Entropy<>Ectropy:    Entropy is the opposite of ectropy. Entropy is decay and death. Entropy is the force of decay, disorder, and chaos that acts on matter to reduce it to random distribution and minimum energy. Ectropy is intelligence acting to create things. Example:    How much Intelligent Cause does it require to design an automobile, design the factories to produce them, mine the steel, fabricate the parts, assemble them, energize the result with fuel and electricity, and then maintain it while it transports you? That is ectropy. Then leave that automobile abandoned out in a field for 100 years:    the result is a pile of rust. That is entropy. The matter has decayed and deteriorated, no differentiation, and minimum energy state. That is entropy.

ESAE:    The Essentiality School for Accelerated Enlightenment.

Essence:    The infinitely intelligent spiritual Life Energy BEing that is the only thing that exists and which manifests the Creation and all that exists out of Herself, out of Her own energy. She has 13 main Characteristics:    Light, Consciousness, Wisdom, Truth, Infinity, Oneness, Will (Power), Magnificence, Perfection, Beauty, Love, Peace, and Joy

Essentiality: is a scientific explanation of Essence to the extent that something divine and mystical can be described in words. It is a science of spirituality with the purpose of guiding a human being to develop his spirituality, to eventually recover his consciousness of himself as an immortal, spiritual being and his perception of and communication with Essence. Psycanics comes from Essentiality.

Event:    a very general word meaning any change or movement in reality, whether internal, psycanic reality or external, physical reality. Any occurrence is an event. Anything someone says or does is an event. The arrival of a new thought is an event. An activation is an event. The trigger for an activation is an event. The arrival or departure of someone is an event. See also External Event and Trigger Event.

Evil:     All forms of anti-love, of negative energy, which are unpleasant, painful, damaging, destructive.  The southern pole of the Love Polarity.

Excelsior:  verb:    continual improvement to reach excellence and then impeccability.

Existential Imperative of Existence is:    “The ultimate motivation of ALL human behavior is to control one’s experience.” (This has a formal proof.) You see this in everyday life as the avoidance of pain and the pursuit of pleasure (which is mistaken for happiness). However, the ultimate experience, the only true happiness is your level of BEing, of recuperation of Essence-Love-Joy. The underlying truth and power of the Existential Imperative are that we are all trying to get back to God, to the Infinite Wisdom, Power, Love, Joy whence we come. Thus, the highest statement of the Existential Imperative is:    The ultimate motivation of all human behavior is to return to Essence.

Explore, exploration:    To enter into any experience to know it and live it fully.

Express, expression. Literally:    Ex-press:    to push out. To do, perform, act. To manifest a quality or characteristic. To think, do, act, or create, and push the result out into the Creation.

Experimenter:    one who does experiments, a scientist.

Experimenter, experiencsor:    one who senses, experiences, who perceives and feels. As consciousness you are the experimenter of your identities, thoughts, emotions, and relationships (BEFEELTHINK RELATE)

Experience:    the perception of a reality by a being. The effect, impact, of a reality on consciousness. Experience is consciousness at work. Experience may be physical, psycanic, or spiritual, although most humans have very little spiritual experience. Psycanic experience is the perception of psycanic realities it occurs directly in the consciousness of the psycan. Physical experiences are perceptions of the physical universe which are experienced through the five senses of the body. Spiritual experiences are the perception of Self, whether the small Self that is the psycan, or the One Infinite Self that is Essence in any of Her 13 Characteristics.

External Event: Any event, any change or occurrence, in the external, physical reality. The term usually refers to Trigger Events for MODs (or MOPs). See Event and Trigger Event. Internal events are changes in your psycanic energies, in thoughts, emotions, identities. These can also trigger MODs.

External Quest:    All efforts to control one’s psycanic experience by trying to conform to the external world to one’s ideas and programs of how it should be. The purpose of all efforts (the Don Quixote Behaviors) is to avoid the activation of MODs (UPS) and produce MOPs (the mirage of happiness. The External Quest obeys the Existential Imperative, but is an Impossible Dream because:    1- nobody has the power to always control externals in his life; and 2- external events do not cause psycanic experience; they are only trigger events for NEIRs and PEIRs. See also:    Fatal Identity Sequence, Impossible Dream, Don Quixote.

Evil:    TT Essentiality. Evil is the polar opposite of Love, aka neg-love, anti-love. Evil is all forms of negative energy and actions that are entropic; that harm, damage, cause suffering, or destroy. Evil includes anger, hate, bigotry, division, inequality, injustice, criminality (theft, fraud, corruption, etc.), killing, invasion, war, tyranny, terrorism, genocide, etc. An enormous percentage of all human behavior is expressions of evil.

Essentiality:    You are a spirit incarnating in the Human Adventure Movie. Psycanics deals with your human life and experience, and how to control them. Essentiality deals with the nature of Essence, the One Infinite Creator BEing, and your relationship with Her.

Fatal Identity:  The creation-identity-reality-experience of any form of negation of Cause, Power, or Responsability:    Examples include:    I am not cause; I am not creator; I am not powerful; I am not responsable; I am not the creator of my psycanic experience. The Fatal Identity starts the Fatal Identity Sequence

Fatal Identity Sequence:    The Fatal identityFatal Paradigmthe Impossible Dream of the External QuestDon Quixote Behaviors.

Fatal Paradigm:    Whereas external things cause my experience, I must control my external world to control my experience. The Fatal Paradigm is the creation-reality-experience that:    Given my Fatal Identity that I am not the creator of my psycanic experience, external things must be. External things (what others do and say and events and situations in my life) determine how I feel and act. The other people in my relationships are the cause of my problems and conflicts with them, not me. Therefore, I must control external things to control my experience, to stop mods and produce my happiness

FU:     abbreviation for the “Fisical Universe”, the physical universe where all physical energies and realities exist.  (The “P” in physical is used for the PU, the Psycanic Universe.)

Game:    the effort and struggle to overcome obstacles to reach goals. A game is the struggle and effort, the dance with the obstacles, not the goal. The purpose of a Game is to test mettle to the limits and so to experience maximum Drama. Life and everything in it is a Game for the psycan.

Game Conditions:    all the elements that are necessary to keep a Game going:    player, goal, obstacle, and balance of power between player and obstacle.

Guilting:    Guilting is an additive to blaming; it is the manipulation of others by trying to make them feel guilty (bad and wrong) for something they did for the purpose of controlling them. The purposes of guilting include to punish the person by making them feel bad (embarrassment or shame) so that they do not do it again, or to get them to make amends (usually by doing something the guilter wants). Guilt thing works hand in hand with programs, which are demands and expectations of how others should BFTDH. Example:    Parents program their children with a “laundry list” of how they should be and act (to please the parents, make them happy by giving them a MOP). When the child fails to fulfill one of those expectations; they invalidate him/her; they guilt them by labeling them “bad” son/daughter, ungrateful, insensitive, uncaring, unloving, etc. Such programs are called “hooks” in Psycanics, as in:    “Her parents have their hooks well implanted in her.” Similar:    shaming.

Human Being:    A psycan in a Shell of realities that generate the illusion of being a unique human character, operating a physical body on planet Earth.

Human Experience:    The total cycle of incarnations of a psycan on Earth, 500+. It can be called the Human Experience, Adventure, Exploration, Game, Drama, Movie, Theater, Novel, Sleep, Dream, Descension, etc. These are all synonyms. The one chosen in any particular sentence can be random, or it can depend on which nuance we wish to reference at the moment.

Identity:    Any creation of the psycan about himself thereby self-determining what he is and is not. The most important ones are the NEIRs and the PEIRs.

IMHO:    Abbreviation for:    in my humble opinion. My job is to report Psycanics and Essentiality as they are. So when I say something that is my opinion, I mark it IMHO so there is no confusion with my personal ideas and points of view and the sciences themselves.

Infinite:    really, really, really big, such that limits, if  any, have never been found.

Intelligence:    the mental ability to evaluate a situation, perceive the obstacles and create a successful plan to overcome them to produce the desired results.

Integrally Rich Life:    The 12 areas of an integrally rich life are:    spiritual, identities or human being, intellectual, emotional, spouse and family, other relationships (work, leadership), body and health, sex, work/career/business, finances, material possessions, and experiences.

Impossible Dream:    a synonym for the External Quest, referring to the aspect that the External Quest is impossible for several motives:    1- external events do not cause psycanic experience; they may trigger MODs but they do not create nor can they discreate NEIR masses which are the true cause of all UPS. 2- Even if events did cause MODs, nobody who has ever lived has had the power to always control external events. The nature of life for everyone is that you win some and you lose some.

Love:    One of the 13 Characteristics of Essence. Love is all forms of positive energy that care for, help, and grow the energies (the world) around you. Your love for yourself is your emotions +/-. Your love for others is your actions:    how you treat them and the energies you use with them. (For example, anger is neg-love.) Opposites:    neg-love, anti-love. The full understanding of Love is complicated and beyond the scope of a glossary. Most human ideas about love are wrong.

Manifest:    To manifest is to attract into your experience (life) something already created, usually by others. To create is to cause into existence something new, something that did not exist before. Examples:    You manifest a car or money or a person to love. You create a painting or a business or the relationship with the person you attract.

Manifestation:    Whatever is manifested. Synonym for reality and for creation.

Matrix:    From the famous 1999 movie series starring Keanu Reeves. Matrix is a synonym for the Creation, for the world as an illusion in which we-psycans are playing.

Mind:    There is no such thing as a mind. There is the being, aware-will, and his mental realities:    thoughts, memories, desires, plans, goals, programs, paradigms, beliefs, religion, values, etc. The being uses his will to create his mental realities, his subconscious to store them out of sight and his consciousness to experience them. We use the term “mind” to refer to mental realities and the processes of creating and experiencing them.

MODs:    abbreviation for Moments of Dolor (Latin for pain). MODs are activations of NEIR masses with their negative emotions. MODs are periods of UPS. Synonym:    activation.

MOPs:    abbreviation for Moments Of Pleasure. MOPs are fleeting activations of positive BE-FEEL (idsemo) you experience whenever something positive occurs in your life, for example, a vacation, winning a game, etc.). As they require positive external events to trigger them, and events always change; they are not True Happiness:    life is ALWAYS a mixture of positive and negative events. If you live making how you FEEL dependent on externals, you will live mostly unhappy.

Movie:    A story built around a game which is the struggle to overcome obstacles.

Mu:    There are three classifications of realities as regards their truth. Those which are verified and we can be reasonably certain they are the truth. Those which are verified to be false. And all others where the truth of the matter is not verified, and therefore is not known. The label “truth” is the certification of the quality and reliability of the information. It may not be assigned to any datum not verifiable. Those statements are MU. Thus, there are three classifications for information:    true, false, and mu. (Example:    All advertising that claims to be the best product. All religions. Political philosophies. Fake news.) Most of what people say and believe is unsubstantiated and therefore mu.

Negative:    that which is unpleasant, painful, undesired, counter-productive, harmful, or destructive. All that is entropic:    decreases usable energy and increases disorder and chaos, or homogeneity. Negative is NOT Bad-SNB! By the Laws of Polarity, negatives must exist for positives to exist, and they are valid experiences in themselves.

Neg-ego:    The hallucination that one person (or group) is superior, greater, or more than another; who is perforce inferior, lesser, worse. This is, obviously, polarization. Neg-ego then polarizes even further into good<>bad, and then hallucinates justification for evil, the use of neg-energy to dominate, conquer, rob, enslave, torture, kill, etc. Both sides of the polarization are neg-ego; it is equally neg-ego to hallucinate that you are inferior, less than, worse than others. Neg-ego of superior is an attempt to compensate NEIRs. Neg-inferior comes directly from NEIRs. Neg-ego is part of the Darkside and greatest in Evil. Neg-ego is a hallucination because the Truth is One. There are not two in the One; impossible to have greater or lesser when there is only One. All neg-ego must be discreated for enlightenment. The polar opposite of neg-ego is One and Unity, arrived at by the ascension of the Unity<>Ego Polarity through Humility. Humility comes from the recognition that we are all One; that there can be no greater or lesser. The discreation of NEIRs is also important to achieve Humility.

Neg-emo:    abbreviation for “negative emotions”. The negative emotions include:    anger, rage, hostility, anxiety, fear, terror, horror, resentment, guilt, sadness, sorrow, grief, hate, depression, envy, jealousy, apathy, etc.

Neg-energy:    Abbreviation of negative energy which is to say negative love, darkness, evil.

Neg-love:    Abbreviation of negative love; all forms of negative energy and negative actions, those that harm others or the Greater Good.

Negative<>Positive:    abbreviation for the Positive<>Negative Polarity, which applies to many polarities such as the positive and negative emotions.

NEIRs:    abbreviation for Negative Essence Identity Reality. All identities which counter-act Essence, WPVLJ. NEIRs are the polar opposites of PEIRs. See chapter PEIRs<>NEIRs.

Pain:    all unpleasant and undesired experience, consisting primarily of negative FEEL, the negative emotions. Pain is the “P” in UPS. In psycanics, “pain” and “suffering” always refer to negative psycanic experience unless physical pain or physical suffering is specified.

Pain and suffering:    In Psycanics and Essentiality, “pain” and “suffering” always refer to negative mental and emotional experiences, not physical pain unless “physical” is specified.

PECRED:    PECRED is the full sequence of elements of Creation-Experience-Discreation:    PECRED is the abbreviation for:   

    Psycan Energy → Creation → Reality → Experience → Discreation.
This is to be read and understood as:    The Psycan (Creator) takes Energy and Creates his Realities, which then cause his Experiences, which then Discreate (on being fully experienced).

PEIR:    abbreviation for Positive Essence Identity Reality. See chapter PEIRs<>NEIRS

PEIRs<>NEIRs:    Positive Essence Identity Realities <> Negative Essence Identity Realities. PEIRs affirm the 4 characteristics of Essence of Wisdom, Power, Value, and Goodness (Love). NEIRs deny or counter-create them. PEIRs and NEIRs form the BE in the Causal Sequence. There are four great NEIR masses in the Shell.

Pilot, piloting:    A person highly trained in Being Transformation Technology and in how to guide others. All teachers of Psycanics and Essentiality must first be pilots.

Polarity:    The “stretching” of any type of experience into a spectrum of gradients between two opposing poles. It is impossible to understand existence without understanding the laws of polarity.

Polarize, Polarization:    To divide people or groups and label one side superior<>inferior, which progresses to good<>bad, apparently justifying neg-love (evil) to the “bad” side. The anti-love to the “bad” side can include:    invalidation, judgments, criticisms, rejection, ostracism, punish, and even death. Examples can be seen in racism, nationalism, religions, politics.

Positive:    that which is pleasant, desired, constructive, productive, useful. All that is ectropic; all that increases the organization and energy state of a system (which requires intelligent Cause).

Positive<>Negative:    the Positive<>Negative Polarity. See definitions of positive and negative.

Power:    The ability to produce the desired results in any area of life, and particularly to create and discreate. Your ability to create and live the life you want, to control your destiny.

Process:    Any of a myriad of ways of moving energy, creating and discreating realities to make changes in your BEing and therefore in your Causal Sequences= your life. A process may follow formal protocols, or a good pilot can invent one on the spot to guide his explorer to achieve his desired result. BTT has hundreds of processes. Processes have protocols.

Protocol:    A protocol is all the formal, written instructions, rules and procedures to be followed to produce a particular result. In BTT, a protocol is the procedures and steps of standard flows of questions and instructions for creation and discreation during sessions of BTT.

Psycanics:    Psycanics is the physics of trans-physical human energies and experience. It models the workings of the emotions, the mind, the being, behaviors, relationships, love<>anti-love, and happiness<>UPS. Psycanics describes their operations with exact laws, principles and formulas. It is a psychology of human experience and behavior that is derived from Essentiality. One of the applications of psycanics is the Being Transformation Technology, a very powerful form of psychotherapy. Psycanics deals with realities that every human being experiences all the time, as contrasted with Essentiality which deals with spiritual experiences that require preparation and practice to perceive. Psycanics is a trickle-down of Essentiality.

Psycanic, psycanic experience:    Psycanic means pertaining to the psycan. Psycanics experience is all realities-experience that the psycan perceives directly in consciousness as opposed to physical realities that he perceives through the instrument of his body. Psycanic experience includes BE, FEEL, THINK, and RELATE:    identities, emotions, thoughts, and relationship energies with others.

PU:     abbreviation for “Psycanic Universe”, the trans-physical space around the psycan wherein he creates all his psycanic ECRE:     thoughts, emotions, identities, and where the Shell exists. 

Real:    The condition of a reality when it is being experienced. A reality not being experienced is not-real. Not-real does not mean that it does not exist, only that it is out of perception. Most of the Shell is not-real most of the time.

Reality:    Any mass or form of energy with its own identity, differentiating it from all other forms of energy. If it exists it is a reality. A reality is “energy with an identity”; it is energy being some particular thing, object, or experience. Psycanic realities include identities, NEIRs, PEIRs, emotions, and all thought-forms. Realities cause experience. PECRED is the laws of reality, there creation and discreation.

Reality versus Truth:    Every idea is a psycanic reality. Truth exists only when a statement (a psycanic reality) is verified as corresponding to the reality it is describing. Where there is no verification, the truth is not known and it is a lie to call that reality “truth” when it is mu. Understanding this is very important in relationships.

RExp:    pronounced “rex”. Reality and Experience are the two sides of the same coin. Realities cause experience; experience is the effect of a reality on consciousness.

Responsability:    TT with a cap “R” and an “a”:    1- Ability to respond, to take action. 2- Recognition of Cause followed by action. 3- A personal decision that ends victim.

Responsibility:    Not a TT and with an “i”:    A duty to care for or do something, or produce a certain result. A legal or moral obligation.

Resistance:    First level:    negation to experience through avoidance or suppression of the experience often with addictive substances or activities. Second level:    any use of negative energy of any kind to attack, change, stop, punish or destroy the negative experience, and or its triggers.

Samsara:    Buddhism and Hinduism:    Life on earth is Samsara. It includes 3 concepts:   

  1. The long cycle of many human incarnations. The entire cycle of our descent from Essence to the Human Experience consists of 500 to 700 human incarnations.
  2. Pain and suffering. In the ultimate analysis, human existence is more pain and suffering than enjoyment and happiness for multiple reasons:   
  3. Trapped. We are locked into samsara, reincarnation after reincarnation, by the our Darkside identity mass. This identity mass traps us on earth until we discreate it. What the Anti-Essence Identity is and how it works is the subject of Advanced Essentiality.

SEB:    TT Essentiality. Abbreviation for a Spiritually Enlightened Being:    A psycan who has awakened from the Human Dream, recovered his self-experience of immortal spiritual BEing. He has perception and communication with Essence and can feel the Oneness of all that is.   He is a Master of Life creating his human existence as he wants it. He is free of the External Quest, negative emotions, of Game Conditions and Drama, of the past and of the future, and of relationship problems.  He lives in serenity and joy and uses his restored creator power to manifest what he wants in life.

Self:    Synonym for the BEing. My Self = my BEing.

Shell:    the Shell is a cloud of energy and realities around the psycan that acts upon his consciousness to create the illusion of human being. In the Shell is programmed personality, characters, likes and dislikes and all non-physical experience and behaviors.  Synonym:     Cocoon.

Sleep:    Synonym for avidya, for not knowing Who You Are and so being lost in the Human Dream.

Socialization:    the teaching and learning (mostly informal and unconscious) of how to get along with others in family, groups and society; of manners, ways of speaking, and behaviors that avoid frictions and conflicts with others. Example of socialization:    respecting the property of others. Without socialization, we would behave like animals. Socialization is related to culturization but not the same thing

SNB:    abbreviation for Should Not Be, the basic opinion and reality constituent of the Hallucination of Bad-SNB. The prime characteristic of anything bad is that it should not exist. It is a hallucination because the Truth of the Creation is that there is nothing that should not be:    the Purpose of the Creation is ALL experiences possible.

Space:    The absence of all energy, especially negative energy. The neutral, midway point on the Energy Polarity (Love Polarity) between positive and negative. It is therefore the end of anti-love and the beginning of love. Related concept:    Transparency.

Spirituality:    Your degree of experience and expression of Essence in Her 13 Characteristics. The characteristics of spirituality include Wisdom, Power, Love, Responsability, Humility, Transparency, Service, Discipline, Excellence, Integrity. To find a School, you need a true source of spirituality. You must be clear on how to identify a True Source; there are many more scammers, false prophets, and ineffective schools on the planet than there are True Sources.

Subconscious:    The psycanic space around the psycan but outside of his conscious perception. Synonym:    the unconscious.

Suffering:    Suffering is resistance to pain, to negative experience, which intensifies and persists it. (Laws of Energy:    Resistance Causes Pain and Persistence.) Suffering is any intense and long-lasting negative emotional state (anger, fear, hate, sorrow, depression, etc.). Suffering is pain about pain. Your negative emotions are unpleasant, painful, but they are not suffering. Suffering is resistance to negative experience, to pain. You turn pain into suffering by resisting your negative experience. You are the sole creator of all your suffering in life. Nothing external to you is ever the cause of your suffering.

TE:    abbreviation for Time & Energy. In the ultimate analysis, the only thing that you have in life is your Time and your Energy. Your life is your TE. There are many forms of energy:    work, money, design and planning, food, gasoline, transportation, and all other things. You can interchange energy (e.g. giving food)) for time, or your time (e.g. work) for energy (money).

Transparency:    The absence of negative energy and resistance. A state of being that is non-reactive and non-resistant to others and events. 2- On the Love Energy Polarity, Transparency is the point of no or neutral energy between Love and Evil.

Trigger, trigger event: Any occurrence, any change or movement of any energy which sets off an activation, a MOD. A trigger event can be psycanic, such as one’s own thoughts; or it can be external, physical such as something that someone says or does, or something that happens in the life of the person. See Event, External Event

Truth:    The verified or verifiable correspondence between a reality and a statement about that reality. Where there is no verification, the truth is not known and may not be claimed honestly. “Truth” is a certification of the “quality” of a statement. Humans confuse their mental realities (beliefs) with truth.

Two Paths:    There are a number of “Two Paths” in psycanics and Essentiality. In this book, there are mentioned:   

  1. Responsability <> Victim
  2. Results <> Drama
  3. Discreation of Realities <> Resistance-Persistence to Experience
  4. Discreate NEIRs when activated<>Keep your MODs all your life.

UHB- TT Essentiality: Abbreviation for Unenlightened Human Being. The, ordinary human being in avidya, asleep to Essence and Who He Really Is, lost in his human identity, and living in Game Conditions and DUPS.  

Universal Principles:  The Principles of treating others with Love. The Principles include:    Integrity (honesty, sincerity), punctuality, keeping your word, and Space to the other. When ET shows up, we will treat him according to the Universal Principles, or there will be problems.

UPS:    abbreviation for unhappiness, pain, and suffering, which are always psycanic in nature in Psycanics unless physical pain or physical suffering is specified. UPS comprises all forms of negative emotions, thoughts, and identities.

Victim:    a person who denies all incumbency and responsibility for her experience, whether that is what happens to her in the physical universe, or her negative emotions, or her relationship problems, or anything else in her life. A Victim assigns Cause to external agents thereby creating herself as Effect and therefore powerless. The major characteristic of a Victim is DOR:    Denial of Responsability. “Victim” is the polar opposite of Power and Creator.

Who You Really Are:    There are two levels to your Being:    1- your spirit-ual individuality as an entity of Aware-Will:    psycan. 2- Beyond the illusion of individuality:    the One Infinite Essence that we all are. You are Essence, then One. Your psycan-individuality is an illusion so that you can descend into and play in the Creation.

Will:    One of the 13 Characteristics of Essence; the power to move and form energy, thereby to create realities.

WPVLJ (pronounced Whipple) abbreviation for:    Wisdom, Power, Value, Love-Joy, the 4 of the 13 characteristics of Essence that dominate human experience and behavior. Affirmations of WPVLJ are the PEIRs; counter creations to WPVLJ are the NEIRs,

Wisdom:    The ability to predict consequences of actions and so to avoid negative experiences and results and produce positive ones.

Yin and Yang:    Yin<>Yang is one of the fundamental polarities of the Creation. Yin is the feminine element:    receptive, passive, patient, softness, shadow, coolness, relaxedness, perceptive, intuitive, enjoyment, present time, flowing, malleable, adjustable. Yang is the masculine element:    force, power, action, productivity, rational, logical, future time, rigid, light, heat. Essence is both yin and yang, but Her nature is more yin. Male-female relationships work best when they are highly polarized in yin and yang. The negative polarity of yang is neg-ego, aggression and force, damage and destruction. The negative polarity of yin is irrationalism, flightiness, no reliability, does not respect word and promises, disorganization and chaos.

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