Is your life dramatic? Congratulations!

Is your life Dramatic? Congratulations!

Drama is a major concept in psycanics and the Human Experience. You are unconsciously creating Drama in your life, which means you are creating not-HAVE-ing your desired results in many areas of your life.  You are sabotaging your innate Power of Manifestation to create and maintain Game Conditions which produce Drama instead of results.

DRAMA is all the varied and rich experience, mostly negative, that we savor during a Game (and therefore in movies).

Drama includes: effort, struggle,
problems, conflicts, uncertainty, doubt, suspense, frustration, impotence,
impatience, anxiety, fear, anger, rage, desperation, depression, allies and
enemies, loyalty and betrayal, losing and winning, victory and defeat, failure,
sadness and sorrow, elation and despair, regret, guilt, giving up or
perseverance, etc: a great variety of tasty experiences

Drama is mostly Unhappiness Pain and Suffering

Notice that Drama includes all the negative emotions,  and therefore is mostly UPS (unhappiness, pain, and suffering), interspersed with brief celebrations on achieving some goal. We will use the  abbreviation DUPS to represent Drama, Unhappiness, Pain, and Suffering as being intimately related.

The Purpose of Games (and movies) is Drama.
The Purpose of the Human Adventure is  to explore and savor Drama.

Is your life Dramatic?
Congratulations! You are a powerful and successful creator of Drama. You incarnated into the Human Game for the Drama. You create and keep yourself in Game Conditions->Drama by suppressing your innate, divine Creator Power so that you do not easily and quickly manifest your desired results / goals in life. Thus, you keep the Game going and the Drama coming. 

Unenlightened Human Beings (UHBs) are subconsciously creating Drama instead of results. Spiritual Enlightened
Beings (SEBs) know Who They Really Are, understand life and how creation works, and consciously create results, serenity, love and joy instead of Drama.

How You Create and Maintain Drama

You create and maintain Drama in your life by maintaining Game Conditions which are all efforts to overcome obstacles. To maintain Game Conditions and therefore keep the Drama going, you must not achieve your goals. As long as you do not reach a goal, the Game
continues and so the Drama continues. 

Reach a goal and it is Game Over which is End of Drama. Bummer; now what are you-psycan going to
do for experience? You would have to find another Game. Best to keep the old ones going as long as possible and suck all the Drama possible out of them. Thus, we struggle with the same goals (Games) for years and years = live long-term Dramas. Examples of common human Dramas include health, success, money,
relationships, and happiness.  

People are subconsciously playing Games while sabotaging their Results so that the Game continues and they can savor the Drama. Most people live continual unconscious (and sometimes conscious) self-sabotage, but most of the time they fail to find the source for it. Of course, if you point this fact, they will deny that they are creating Drama instead of Results – which denial is itself great Drama.

One of the fundamental ways you create and maintain Drama is by denying and not-knowing you are the creator. Denying creator kills your personal power. (Definition: Power: The ability to produce your desired results.) If you were being Powerful Creator, you would manifest your goals quickly and it would be Game Over. Until you acknowledge and take Responsability that you are the creator of your Dramas, you will have no Power to exit them into Results. Denial of being the creator of your Dramas maintains you in Drama. 

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