How to Achieve True Happiness

What is True Happiness?

Psycanics is a science and technology for achieving True Happiness

Happiness is very simple to understand but somewhat difficult to achieve.  

Your emotions are an energy polarity with a positive side and a negative side. Your emotions are your self-love, positive and negative, determined by the Essence Identity you are activating in relation to events (explained in the book How to Do Precision Self Therapy To Quickly Change Anything In Your Life). 

In other words: Happiness is living in your positive emotions. Your negative emotions are your only UPS in life. 

Laws of Happiness

There are some laws about Happiness that are of extreme importance and unknown to most people (one of the reasons they never achieve True Happiness).

1.- Your Happiness or UPS in life is purely and only your emotions. Your Happiness<>UPS is NEVER what is or what happens in your life;  it is how you FEEL about or during those things. 

2.- How you FEEL, your emotions, are NEVER EVER caused by external things. External events are NEVER, EVER the cause of your emotions. External can trigger your negative emotions, but they are NEVER the cause. Your negative emotions are charges of energy in your subconscious that you created in childhood. When a negative event occurs, it stimulates, activates, the charge to move from your subconscious= out of experience, into your consciousness=perception=experience where you live it as a negative emotion. You carry all your emotion charges around with you in your subconscious wherever you go. Thus, any event, anywhere, anytime, can activate you. But the events are never caused/creator of your charges, only triggers, just as the sight of anything can stimulate an old memory. 

3.- You will NEVER be able to achieve Happiness by trying to control the external world. Nobody who has ever lived, no king, no emperor, has ever had the power to always control what others say and do, and what happens. Life will be life doing whatever it does. You have little control What you can control is your emotions; you can discreate all your emotion charges in your subconscious.

4.- The ONLY path to True Happiness is to discreate, eliminate, all your negative emotion masses in your subconscious. The Psycanics BEing Transformation Technology is a precision system for doing so. It takes about 300 hours of self-therapy to eliminate your negative emotions. Happiness is IMPOSSIBLE without doing so because otherwise, the world can always trigger your neg emo = UPS.

5.- Your negative emotions are your creations. What you have created, you can discreate. Psycanics teaches you how.    

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