How to Achieve Power Over Your Life

How to Achieve Power Over Your Life: What You Must Know

ESSENCE: The Creator and Essence of All That Is

Ultimate Reality and the Only Thing that Really Exists is Essence, a single, infinite, Life-Energy BEing, who has 13 Primordial Characteristics: Light, Infinity, Oneness, Consciousness, Wisdom, Will (Creator Power), Perfection, Beauty, Magnificence, Peace, Love, Joy, and Truth. In all mystical experiences, you will find reported one or more of these Characteristics. For our purposes, we need consider only two of Her Characteristics: Consciousness and Will. Essence is the Great Aware-Will.  Will is the power to move energy and therefore to create realities. Consciousness is the power to experience them. 

Essence has been given many names including:   the Tao, Brahman, God, Paradise, the Quantum Field, depending  on the observer (usually mystics). She is known as the “Quantum Field”, creator of all energy and matter,  by scientists, who do not perceive Her Nature of BEing  as mystics do. Our technical name for this Infinite Field of Aware Will Life Energy is “Essence” because She forms everything that exists out of Her own energy, Her own essence. She is both the Creator and the Essence of All That Is.  (Essentiality is the science of Essence, of Her nature and functioning:

The Creation

Essence is Infinitely Powerful.  She creates, manifests, the Creation (All That Exists) out of Her Self, Her Divine Life Energy of BEing. The Creation is the playground, the sand box, the movie theater, the Disneyland, of Essence. The Creation is an illusion (maya in Hinduism); the only Truth is Essence. 

The Purpose of the Creation is

EXPERIENCE:  every kind of experience without limits, including all polarities, all positive experiences and all negative experiences, including Good and Evil.  The Creation is Essence manifesting Her Self in all Her infinite possibilities of BEing to explore and experience all that She can BE. You are an individualization of Essence playing in the Creation, experiencing all that you create (consciously or unconsciously), all that you can, and currently enjoying the Human Adventure Movie. 

You are a PSYCAN

You are a “particle” of Essence,  technical term:  PSYCAN.  You are an individualization of Essence, of the ONE CREATOR FIELD OF AWARE WILL. You are a nonphysical, Life-Energy entity of Aware-Will, a spiritual BEing, a “spirit”. You are a bubble of Essence,  made in Her “image of likeness”, ergo with the same Creator-Will  and Consciousness-Experimenter of life.  

To become a human being, you created blocks to your perception of Essence and counter-creations to your True Spiritual Nature. You had to suppress  your Divinity, your True Power and Awareness, down to that of a human being (very, very low) to incarnate on this planet and live the Human Experience (which is about Drama). One of the purposes of Psycanics is that you DISCREATE those blocks and suppression so that you recover your innate Essential Wisdom and Power to create. 


1.- Essence is the Infinite Field of Aware-Will, the Quantum Field, the Creator, All That Is.

2.- Out of Her own Essence, Essence manifests the Creation and its infinity of  universes as Her playground, Her Disneyland. The Creations is an illusion (maya); Ultimate Truth is Essence.

3.- Essence individualizes part of Her Self into psycans, units of Her Self, aka spirits. You are one. You are an non-physical, spiritual entity of Aware-Will and the other 13 Characteristics of Essence (Wisdom, Power, Love, Joy).

4.- Psycans then create their Shell of BEing (in your case, of Human BEing) and incarnate into a physical vehicle within the Creation to play and adventure. The formula of human being is

Essence   Psycan + Shell of BEing with a Human Identity Complex +  Body =  Human Being

5.- You-psycan are currently BEing a human to star in the Human Adventure Movie that is your life on Earth. The purpose of movies is to feel, to live, Drama.     

The first stage of the Human Adventure Experience is DRAMA, the exploration of  BEing ALL THAT YOU ARE NOT IN ESSENCE, of BEing the opposite of Essence who is Wisdom, Power, Value, and Love-Joy. Drama is the exploration of negatives:  not-knowing (ignorance), anti-power (not being able), anti-value (I am not good enough) and BEing a deficient or bad person in some way.  Drama includes  not being able to manifest what you want in life, ergo problems and conflicts and struggle. Drama includes all the negative emotions that are the essence of UPS (Unhappiness, Pain, and Suffering).

The second stage of the Human Adventure Movie is Awakening and Enlightenment. Enlightenment is to awaken from your Human Movie, from your Human Dream, recover Consciousness and the Truth of Who You Are,  a spirit, a  psycan made of Essence. You recover your Consciousness and Power of Creator. You discreate your negatives and stop creating new ones  and Drama. You live creating a positive human experience of Wisdom, Power, desired results, good relationships, abundance, love and happiness.   

Illustration #2: The Psycan creates his Shell of BEing to BEcome whom
 he wishes to BE, the identities and role he wishes to experience within the Creation; e.g. human being.

You are Creator

You-psycan is the CREATOR of all your experience, of your life.  You are either creating in awareness and understanding of the process, or in ignorance and unconsciously (how most humans do it). You are a “chip off the old Block” (Essence); you are a Creator and you cannot not-create, nor more than you can not-breathe.  

Much of your creation you do BEFORE incarnating. You create a life plan, your destiny, which includes your mission or purposes and major life events.  You create your Human Identity Complex with your desired character and personality, talents likes, and dislikes. You choose where and when to be born, your gender, your nationality and culture.    

Your prime creations are always of your BEing, of your Self, of who you are and what you are being. Your BEing is all that you are BEing, also defined by all that you are not-BEing.  Your BEing is the sum of all your identities.

The Fatal Identity: I am not Creator

A human being is a being with very little wisdom and power (necessary to create Drama as explained later). To
BEcome human, you-psycan  had to counter-create being Creator and being powerful. The first way you did this was with the Fatal Identity:  I am not Creator of my life  (external events are). Creating you are not-creator does not kill your power to create, but it blinds  you to BEing Creator and makes the process unconscious. When your process of creation is unconscious, you lose control.  When you create with your Essence suppressed and in ignorance and unconsciously, you will create DRAMA.

To awaken from your illusion of Not-BEing Creator to be able to take control of and transform your life, we start with the First Law of Creation: 

You-psycan are the CREATOR of all your experience including
 the experience that you are NOT the creator of your experience
when that is your experience – as it is for
all unawakened psycans still asleep in their human identity.

Some people resist this awakening to Creator because they see all the “bad” (negative) things in their lives and do not want to take Responsibility of BEing Cause. They think that take Responsibility will make them “failures” or a “bad person” for creating “bad” things in their lives. This resistance can be discreated with the Being Transformation Technology  which you will learn in  the Psycanics Life Transformation System . 

Until you take back, re-awaken to,  your identity of CREATOR,  you will have little POWER over your life, and all your efforts to control and change your experiences will be DRAMATIC:  lots of struggle, slow and with poor results. (One example of this is current psychotherapy.) When you are operating in your life as the Creator if it, which is the Truth, and you learn how CREATION works (which is what Psycanics teaches you);  you can achieve fast, easy,  and big changes. The  Psycanics Life Transformation System  is designed to guide to transform your life, step by step.

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