How Life Works: The Causal Sequence

How Life Works: The Causal Sequence

Your Six Arenas of Experience

Everything in your life falls into one of the
Six Arenas of Experience, the Six Arenas of Life.


The Six Arenas of Life are:


Synonyms for each Arena are:

Identities, Emotions, Mind, Relationships & Behaviors, Results.


Illustration: The Six Arenas of Human Experience

Each Arena comprises a different kind of energy. Think of your life as a circus, but instead of three rings, there are five: your life is a five-ring circus. Everything in your life occurs in one of these six areas, six Arenas.

The first four Arenas: BE, FEEL, THINK, and RELATE are trans-physical=psycanic energies that you-psycan experience “internally”, directly in your consciousness (as opposed to “external” physical experience that comes through your body). They are trans-physical because you cannot capture, measure, or detect them (your BEing, emotions, thoughts, and relationship energies) with physical instruments.  These first four realms of energies do not come from the physical universe or your body. Your psycanic (trans-physical) experiences occur directly to you-psycan, to your consciousness. (Consciousness, remember, is your power to experience; to perceive and feel energies-realities, both psycanic and physical.) 

We will call all these your psycanic energies and your psycanic experience, to distinguish them from your physical experiences of the external world that you perceive through the five senses of your body.

Definition: Psycanic: all forms of energy – experiences that you-aware-will perceive directly in your consciousness. They do not come from the physical universe nor through the body; they are higher dimension of energy. Your psycanic energies include your identities, your emotions and feelings, all forms of thought, everything in your mind and memory, and the content and meaning of your communications, and your non-physical experiences of others in your relationships.

Your 4 Psycanic Experience Arenas are:

BE: your BEing, consisting of your identities,

FEEL: your emotions, positive and negative,

THINK: your thoughts and all your mental activities, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, etc.  

your RELATE-ing: your communication and relationship experiences, which can be negative (problems, conflicts, anger, etc.) or positive (harmony, love, cooperation, etc.) (Your RELATE is your DO with people as opposed to your DO (actions and behaviors) in the physical world.  

Note on relationships: Bodies, hugs, sex, etc. are physical, but your relationships with others are psycanic in nature. Examples include: liking and disliking, paying attention or ignoring, acceptance or rejection, communication, harmony or disharmony, support or sabotage, love, anger, or hate. All these are trans-physical energies-experiences in the relationship. Thus, we consider relationships psycanic rather than physical.

Illustration: Your Four Arenas of Psycanic Experience and
Two Arenas of Physical Experience
(separating RELATE and DO into two arenas).

The Causal Sequence

Here is where the magic begins.

The Six Arenas of Life (BE, FEEL, THINK, RELATE & DO, HAVE) are not independent, much less random.
On the contrary, they exist and operate in an exact order, one of CauseEffects. 

The Six Arenas form the:

IDentities → Emotions → Mind → Behaviors & Actions → Results

They are a causal sequence because the elements to the left determine the elements to the right (as indicated by the arrow).

Note: For clarity, we will use all capital letters when referring to any element of
the Causal Sequence; e.g. BE, BEing; HAVE, HAVEing; FEELing; etc.

Your life consists of Causal Sequences.

Each situation in your life has its Causal Sequence and it always initiates in your identity, in your state of BEing. The secret to power over your life is that you can change your BEing and that will automatically change all the other elements in that causal Sequence. 

Example of a Causal Sequence: Relationships: each interaction in a relationship is a Causal Sequence. If you are HAVEing negative results in a relationship (i.e. problems, conflicts), then you have a Causal Sequence something like this:

BE: You are (unconsciously) operating in a negative state of BEing, a negative identity. (This is what you are learning to find in your subconscious and change.)

FEEL: That neg-identity is generating your negative FEEL, negative emotions (i.e. frustration, anger, etc.). ALL your neg-emotions come from your neg identities, no exceptions.

THINK: You are creating some negative thoughts (aware of it or not) such as invalidating the other person, THINKing you are right and they are wrong; they are to blame; they must change. You have them as the “bad guys” of your relationship movie.

RELATE and DO: As you THINK they are the “bad” cause of the problem, you attack them overtly or subtlety with negative energy (such as anger, criticism, recriminations) in how you communicate and how you treat them. You say negative things; you argue; you try to control and change them, which is always anti-love.

HAVE: All this produces your negative RESULTS, your negative HAVE, of problems and conflicts in the relationship. Naturally, the other person resists your negative energy, defend themselves and counterattack you with their neg-love energies. Your results, your HAVE, is a poor-quality relationship.

To see this, ask yourself: Where in my life are others attacking me with negative energy? However, the answer is not important. What is important is are you responding with love or with anti-love (neg-energy)? 

What is important is: Where am I attacking others with negative energy, treating them with anything less than love, patience, understanding, acknowledgement, encouragement and gratitude? Who Am I that I am behaving so anti-lovingly?  You can then trace your negative DO back to your negative causal identity, change it to positive, upon which you will cease to treat them negatively. 

Definitions: Love for others is what you DO, how you treat them; NOT what you feel. Love is a polarity. (Positive) love is all forms of positive energy. Neg-love, aka anti-love, is all forms of negative energy. 

Law of Love: Neg-love is NEVER justified. Love never uses neg-energy; it would not be love if it did so. 

Who do you profess to love, but you use neg-energy on them or treat them with neg-energy of any kind? –such as anger, invalidation, demands, expectations, intents to control, withdrawal of approval, affections, support.

All your relationship problems originate in your negative identities. Change your identity and entire Sequence changes. This brings us to the most important understanding about the Causal Sequence and your life:

You-psycan are the ONLY causal element in your Causal Sequences, in your life.
You are the creator of your life.

You-spirit are the only thing alive; the only thing that has will and consciousness. You-psycan, the non-physical, aware-will entity, the BEing, are the only element that decides, and that moves (and experiences) energy. You are the only agent, the only element that can control your psycanic energies (mind, emotions, and identities). You-psycan are the causal element that moves your body, and through your body, moves your external, material world. You are the creator of your life, consciously or unconsciously. You are studying psycanics to make the process conscious so that you can take control of it. As long as it is subconscious, you will be creating mostly Drama and UPS instead of your desired results and True Happiness.

All the other elements of the Causal Sequence (emotions, thoughts, actions, material things) are lifeless things; they are energies, actions, or objects. You the BEing are the only power element in the Sequence. All the other elements are results of you-the-BEing creating thoughts and emotions, making decisions, taking action, and reaping the results. You are CAUSE, your other Arenas are all EFFECTs.

Your fundamental error in life is that you are trying to control and change the external world (FU) to change your internal world, to control your BE-FEEL, to stop your UPS and achieve happiness (PU). You are trying to THINKRELATE / DO HAVE to change your BE-FEEL.  You are trying to change your HAVE to change your BE. This is the Causal Sequence in reverse: does not work.  This, the External Quest, is impossible of success – and a therefore a grand generator of Drama.

This great error, the External Quest, is fine while Drama is your goal in life. (Remember: the subconscious intention of every UHB is Drama; we-psycans all come to the Human Adventure Movie for the Drama.) If you want PowerResultsSatisfactionHappiness, you need an entirely different strategy:  control your BEing. Your BEing determines all the rest of your Causal Sequences.     

You are creating your life now unconsciously. Psycanics will show you how you are creating your life so that you can take conscious control of the process and begin to create what you desire. The most important creation in your life is that of your own BEing: all else in your life flows out from that.

The Magic of the Causal Sequence is that by controlling
your BEing, you automatically control all the other Arenas.

Change your IDentities to change your BEing
and that Causal Sequence in your life
 will change automatically.

Your control your BEing by discreating your
NEIRs (negative Essence identities) and creating
PEIRs (positive Essence identities.


Psycan = spirit with power to take on any identity.
BEing:  the net sum of all identities.

Psycan + Identities = BEing
(All that the psycan is BEing<>Not-BEing).

Psycan + Human Identity Complex + Body = Human Being

Your Human Identity Complex (HIC) is a vast Shell, a Cocoon, of energy around you-psycan-consciousness that acts upon you-consciousness to generate your experience-illusion of BEing only a human being. Your HIC contains your personality, character, gender, talents, and all the distinct elements that make you a unique human being. It also contains all your negative identities, emotions and behaviors. With psycanics, you are learning how to go into this Shell and create and discreate its contents, its realities, and so to transform your life. 

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