The physics of your trans-physical energies: emotions, thoughts, self-esteem, self-image, behaviors, relationships, success, love, and happiness.

Psycanics shows you HOW the achievement of these is an exact science.

Psycanics: A new psychology of human experience

based on quantum physics.

It is an Advanced Technology for Personal Development.

What does Psycanics do;  what are its results? Graduates of psycanics:

  • Know that they are the creators of their lives and the only person responsible for their happiness.
  • Live free of all negative emotions (anger, fear, guilt, sadness, depression, etc.); they live in serenity and peace.
  • Have eliminated all relationship problems and conflicts; they live in harmony and love.
  • Are free of addictions, compulsions and obsessions.
  • Have an impregnable self-esteem and sense of self-worth.
  • Live in confidence in themselves and their abilities.
  • Live their lives according to their own values and goals, free of any compulsion to please others.
  • Have calm minds; they are free of mental turbulence.
  • Work in their areas of passion.
  • Are free of aversions and resistances to others and to events in their lives.
  • Have liberated themselves of all negative energy from their past: painful memories, traumatic incidents, failures, violence, abuse, resentments, etc.
  • As conscious creators of their lives, they manifest for themselves material abundance.

What is psycanics?

Psycanics is the physics of non-physical  energy. Your non-physical energies include:  thoughts, emotions, identities, self-esteem,  communications, relationships, suffering,  drama, love, and happiness, to name a few.
• Psycanics is a psychological model, a scientific description, of how the non-physical  part of human experience and life works.
• Knowledge is power: Psycanics is a science  that empowers you to take control of your  nonphysical experience, eliminate the  negatives (such as all your negative  emotions), and create the positive psycanic experiences that you desire.

• Psycanics is a derivative of Essentiality. Essentiality is a science of spirituality. The differences  between Psycanics and Essentiality are that Essentiality deals with your nature as an immortal  spiritual being and your relationship with the Creator. Psycanics deals with your human life on  earth: mind, emotions, relationships, love, happiness.
• Both Essentiality and Psycanics are sciences: their laws and principles, and the results they  produce, are replicable and verifiable by any person willing to make the effort to learn and apply  them. (Replicability is the hallmark of a science: that others can reproduce results.) However, as  Essentiality deals with subtle, spiritual phenomena, it requires more study and more effort than  Psycanics to verify. Psycanics is immediately verifiable by any human being who is capable of  perceiving his thoughts and feelings.
• Psycanics has been proven to work in almost 40 years of application (since 1983) with thousands  of people applying it and producing great changes in their lives with relatively little effort  (especially compared to other psychologies).

Examples of Psycanics:

• Everything that exists is energy in one form or another. This “everything” includes non-physical things like thoughts, emotions and the interplay of energies that make up  communication and relationships.
• All energy is “legal”; it obeys laws and principles.
• The laws and principles of nonphysical energy, of your psycanics experience, are as  definite and rigorous as the laws of physics for the physical universe. Your mind and  emotions and relationships all obey exact laws and principles.
• Just as we control physical energies to produce as desired light, heat, radio, TV, cellphone  waves, plastics, metals, etc., so too can any person learn to control his psycanics  energies, his nonphysical, internal life.
• You are a nonphysical, spiritual Being composed of consciousness and will; you are  aware-will. You are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your emotions; you  are not your personality, you are not your human identity; you are the unit of perception  and control of all of these. You are immortal; your body dies, you-spirit continue to exist
• Life consist of six arenas of experience, of different kinds of energy. These are:

Identities – Emotions – Mind – Relationships – Actions – Results.
Everything in your life falls into one of these six categories of experience.

• The six arenas form the Causal Sequence of Life:
The elements to the left determine the elements to the right as indicated by the arrows.
The causal element of everything in your life is your BEing. You, the Being, are the only  element alive, the only thing in your life with the power of decision and action. All the  other elements are “dead” energy or matter. Whether you understand it or not, you are  the sole creator of all your experiences, of your life – which is what the Causal Sequence  indicates.
• Your life is determined by your BEing. To change any negative situation in your lifechange your state of BEing in that situation. YOU are the only CAUSE in your life.  Everything else (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, etc.) are EFFECTS = RESULTS of your BEing.

The law is simple:

Negative states of BEing naturally generate
negative results in all areas of life.

Positive states of BEing naturally generate
positive results in all areas of life.

Change who you are (BEing) and
your life naturally changes.

As an example of how you are the creator, here is the law of the creator creating that he is not creator:

• You are the creator of all your experiences  including the experience that you are not the creator of your experiences when that is your experience (as it is for most humans).
• When you do not know that you are the creator of your life, or do not understand how your powers of creation work, you will fail to create much of what you want in life, and will create a lot of what you don’t want. The net result is that you will create a lot of DRAMA and negative emotions in your life.

  This is not a failure of your creator power; it is a failure of your knowledge and understanding of how life really works.

• The Existential Imperative of life is the effort to control one’s experience, the search for happiness. Every human being is always trying to be happy and makes all his decisions according to what he calculates will cause him least pain or most make him FEEL good.
• One of the many errors that humans make in life is the External Quest for happiness. People try to control their FEEL (emotions, love and happiness) by focusing on the right part of the Causal Sequence: DO HAVE.
They try to control others and the external world to control their internal experience to be happy. They mistake physical pleasures for happiness. This External Quest is impossible of success.

#1– Nobody who has ever lived has had the power to control the external world to avoid  negative events and produce all the positive ones desired. 
#2– External things do not cause internal, psycanic experience. They have no power to do  so, ever. 

Happiness is internal; it is a state of positive emotions. Pain and suffering is a state of negative emotions. 
• Your emotions are your positive or negative love for yourself determine by the identity that you are activating in relation to the events of your life. You cannot control your emotions directly; they are automatic reactions to who you are BEing. What you can control is your BEing (first element in the Causal Sequence), which consists of your identities. You can create and dis-create your identities and so form your BEing, which then determines the rest of your Causal Sequences. 
• Trying to change the right part of the Causal Sequence (THINK, DO, HAVE) without changing the left, causal area (your BEing) requires struggle and effort, and produces poor results. If you want faster and easier results, change the ultimate cause of everything in your life: your BE-ing. This will automatically change the 
rest of your Causal Sequences.
Psycanics details what is BEing and how to change it.

More Examples of Psycanics

Energy energizes irrelevant of the polarity. Negative energy is just as creative and persist of negative situations as positive energy. Ergo the law: Resistance Causes Pain and Persistence.
Every time you are in negative energy you are creating or persisting something that you do not want.
Resistance is using negative energy to try to change or stop something. When you resist  your negative experiences, including your negative emotions (anger, fear, worry, sorrow,  grief, etc.) you are causing them to continue in your life.

Note: You may feel that you can’t control things in your interior life (particularly your negative emotions), but this is only because you don’t know how. Psycanics observes that each person needs to learn how his interior, psycanic experience (emotions and behaviors) work. Few people have the time or the money to run to a professional therapist every time they want to change something. You need to take control of YOU. Psycanics is an exact model and procedure for changing yourself—and on changing you, your BE-ing, all the rest your life automatically changes, because Life works according to the Causal Sequence. Psycanics teaches you how life really works: knowledge is power.

Being Transformation Technology

The Being Transformation Technology is a precise system for working on your interior life. 

It consists of discharging negative energies and creating the positive ones you desire in your life.

It is the most powerful and rapid form of self-change technology known.

How to study Psycanics?

Psycanics is a curriculum within the