The Physics of Your

Which includes: emotions, thoughts, mind, self-esteem, suffering, relationships, behaviors, love, and happiness.

What is Psycanics?

What is Psycanics?

  1. Everything that exists, physical and non-physical, is made of energy (E=mc2).
  2.  All energy, physical and non-physical, is LEGAL: it obeys laws and principles. 
    (All science is the observation of phenomena to discover their laws and principles.) 
  3.  Psycanics is the science, the laws and principles, of non-physical=psycanic energy; ergo of all your internal energies that cause ALL your psycanic (non-physical) experience.  
  4.  All your psycanic (non-physical) experience is the impact of your psycanic energies on you.
  5.  Power: Psycanics is Power.

Psycan and Your Psycanic Experience

You are a non-physical, immortal, life-energy entity of Conscious Will (Aware-Will), aka a “spirit”. Technical term is “psycan”:  you are a psycan. You-psycan live in 2 dimensions: the physical and the psycanic. Your psycanic world is a vast shell of energy forms around you= Aware-Will, that acts upon you=consciousness to cause to you ALL your non-physical= psycanic experience (emotions, thoughts, suffering, love, joy, etc.) (Law:  All experience is the impact of realities (energy forms) on consciousness.)

Your Shell of BEing contains all your internal = non-physical = psycanic energies ⇒ experience including:

  1. All your emotions, negative and positive (anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, loneliness, resentment, regret, hate, apathy, depression, etc.; and all the positives: contentment, satisfaction, peace, interest, enthusiasm, passion, love, and joy. Him
  2. All your thoughts and mental activities: memories, traumas, phobias, ability to understand, speed of learning, knowledge, ideas, concepts, beliefs, programs, paradigms, values, judgments, logic and reason, intelligence, to name a few.
  3. All your identities: your creations of what and who you are, your BEing, which determine your self-image and self-esteem, and therefore your self-love, which is the foundation of all happiness. There is no happiness which does not begin in self-love.
  4. All your behaviors, positive and negative: Your behaviors are determined by your internal non-physical energies of emotions and beliefs:  all addictions (e.g. alcohol tobacco, mood meds, drugs, social media, video games, gambling, porn, to name a few); all attachments, neuroses, irresponsibility, laziness, lying, cheating, and all criminality.  
  5. The quality of your relationships: Your relationships are either full of problems, conflicts, drama, and negative emotions; or they are replete with agreement, harmony, serenity, peace, partnership and support and love-joy. Which one you are creating is determined by your internal, psycanic energies.
  6. Your results in the physical universe are also determined in great measure by your internal psycanic energies such as intelligence, initiative, resourcefulness, persistence, integrity, productivity, etc.  All these qualities are psycanic.

ALL of the above are energy forms in your BEing (subconscious) that act
upon you-consciousness to produce your non-physical experiences in life.

All obey exact laws of (non-physical) energy.

You are the creator of everything in your Shell of BEing. 
What you have created you can discreate. 

On knowing the laws, you can take control of your interior life to discreate negatives and create the positive experiences you wish to live. 

 It is pure science and it works like magic. 

All your psycanic (non-physical) experience is the impact of your psycanic energies on you, the BEing, the spirit, the non-physical entity of Aware Will that you are. (You are not your body nor your human personality complex; YOU are the spirit-ual entity of Will-ful Consciousness that possesses and controls your human characteristics. (Note: This is exactly parallel to all your physical experience, which is the impact of physical energies on your body senses which nervous energies are then transduced in your brain so that you-spirit  can experience and operate in the physical universe.)

The laws of energy ⇒ experience that determine your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, positive and negatives, are just as exact and as powerful as the laws that hold the planets in their orbits

Scientia Potentia Est (Latin: Knowledge is Power).

Power: Psycanics is Power. Your Personal Power is your ability to produce your desired results in all areas of your life. Science (knowledge) is the source of Power over both the external, physical world; and your internal, psycanic world. Psycanics give you power over your psycanic experience; the power to discreate any of your negative experiences and to create the positive experiences you wish to live.

Thus, the answer to the question “What is Psycanics?” includes: