What is psycanics?

Psycanics is a psychological model, a scientific description, of how the non-physical part of human experience and life works. It has been proven with thousands of people applying it to their lives and achieving great changes with relatively little effort (compared to other psychologies).

Psycanics starts in physics with the observation that everything that exists is energy in one form or another. This “everything” includes non-physical things like thoughts, emotions and the interplay of energies that make up communication and relationships.

All energy is “legal”; it obeys laws and principles.

This is as true of the physical universe as it is of your non-physical, interior world. Your mind and emotions and relationships all obey exact laws and principles.

Knowing the laws and principles you can produce an interior life to your liking, just as in the physical universe we produce on demand light, heat, radio, TV, cellphone waves, plastics, metals, etc.

Here are two examples of psycanics.

1- Life works according to the Causal Sequence of:

(Sometimes abbreviated or misunderstood as only BE → DO → HAVE).

The error that many people make here is that they are trying to change the right part of the Causal Sequence without changing the left-most, causal part, that is, their BE-ing. They are trying to change their RELATE-ionships, their Doing (behaviors and habits) and their Results in life (HAVE-ing) without changing who they are.

Trying to change the right part of the Causal Sequence without changing the left, causal area (BE, who you are BEing) requires struggle and effort, often therapy—and produces poor results. (In reality, what people are trying to change is their FEEL-ing, their experience of love, happiness and joy. For many people this is simply stopping or controlling their negative emotions. Psycanics describes exactly how all negative emotions are generated.)

If you want faster and easier results, change the ultimate cause of everything in your life: your BE-ing. This will automatically change the rest of your Causal Sequences.

Psycanics details what is the human BE-ing and how to change it.

2- Life (your non-physical side of it) consists largely of polarities.

Examples include: Smart-Dumb; Know-Ignorance; Can Do-Cannot Do, Good-Bad, Happiness-Suffering, Success-Failure.

The laws are:

  • Energy, no matter the polarity (i.e. positive or negative) energizes, “realizes” things.
  • Therefore: Resistance Causes Persistence.

Resistance is using negative energy to try to change or stop something. When you resist your negative experiences (including all negative emotions (anger, fear, worry, sorrow, grief, etc) you are causing them to continue in your life. Many people then enter a downward spiral of more resistance to stop the negative experiences, which just energizes them, so they resistance more, which makes them even stronger and more persistence, so they resist even more, and so on into unhappiness and suffering.

Psycanics shows you how life really works, including how to stop resisting it and how to use it to grow and be happy. Focus en your BE-ing and the rest of your life (feeling, thinking, doing, relationships, and your results change automatically.

Note: YOU are the only CAUSE in your life. Everything else (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, etc ) are EFFECTS = RESULTS.

You may feel that you can’t control things in your interior life, but this is only because you don’t know how. (Unless you are a mechanic, you probably can’t repair your automobile—for the same reason: lack of the correct knowledge.) “Fixing” your interior life is easier than fixing your car.

Psycanics observes that each person needs to learn how his or her “interior”, her private life of mind and emotions and behaviors, work. Few people have the time or the money to run to a professional therapist every time they want to change something. You need to take control of YOU. Psycanics is an exact model and procedure for changing yourself—and on changing you, your BE-ing, all the rest your life automatically changes, because Life works according to the Causal Sequence.